Burned cat pulled from Woolsey Fire cared for by news reporter

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Not only does Abc7 reporter Veronica Miracle keep everyone informed about the Woolsey Fire situation, she also provided care for a cat pulled from a burning house completely destroyed by the fire.

According to Abc7, the cat was pulled from his home in Oak Park, California and needed a veterinarian quickly. Firefighters saved the black and white kitty, but needed help caring for him while they returned to their job of trying to control the fire.

“The roof has completely come off the house. His [the cat] whiskers are all singed off,” Veronica reported and with that the photographer and the reporter tried to keep the cat comfortable in the safety of their news van.”

The cat was moved to an emergency hospital where his prognosis was fair, however he suffered a severe burn on his leg. Luckily his coat protected his skin from the direct flames.

The Woolsey Fire has burned 70,000 acres, destroyed 150 homes and has forced the evacuation of more than 200,000 people in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Local animal rescues have mobilized volunteers to help find shelters for the thousands of pets – both small and large.

Los Angeles Animal Services has reached out for help with this monumental task:

“If you can adopt or foster, please go to the closest LA City Animal Service Center to help create life-saving space during the high winds and fire. This is an EMERGENCY!

We have been requested thru Mutual Aid from LA County Animal Control to assist in evacuating Malibu. We have sent our horse trailers and some of our Volunteer Emergency Equine Response Trailer Teams and LAPD mounted trailer teams to the staging area to be deployed.

We are taking in evacuated LA county animals at our East Valley, West Valley and West Los Angeles shelters.

Again, if you can adopt or foster, please go to the closest LA City Animal Service Center to help create life-saving space.”

An updated plea for help followed Saturday night:

“As we morn with our community members who may have lost family members, pets, livestock, horses and homes, I want to thank our staff and volunteers and partners who are working tirelessly to care for the animals who need our shelter.

I am hearing that there may be phone delays as a result at some shelters. Please know we need and want your help even if we can’t answer right away.

Things seem quieter today (so far). The risks are likely to increase Sunday and Monday as the winds return.

If you can adopt or foster today, it will go a long way to open space for any evacuated animals who need us in the coming days.”

Powerful winds are expected to pick up on Sunday. Fatalities have been listed as at least 23 people. The Camp Fire in the northern part of the state has become the third deadliest fire in the state’s history. Woolsey and Hill Fires have forced thousands of people and pets out of their homes.

Read the latest animal related news on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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