Dog held at boarding kennel for 2 years

Begging: Dog held at boarding kennel for two years needs a real home

People who know and love a dog who has lived two years of his life in a California boarding kennel are begging for the homeless dog to get a real home. The handsome dog, named Lou, is friendly and smart, and the people who care for him love him, but he needs more…he needs his own family, and his own home.

On January 7, Lou’s advocate, Diane, issued a Facebook plea on the homeless dog’s behalf:

“I’m begging all my facebook friends to share Lou’s story. This very sweet amazing boy has been at the kennel 2 years. Although we LOVE him very much it’s not a home.”

According to Diane, Lou knows tricks and he loves kids (even toddlers) and he is known to deliver “drive-by” kisses.

Diane wrote:

“He would do best as an only dog but can get along with other submissive dogs but would need someone really dog savvy to monitor that. I know there has to be someone out there for this amazing boy.”

Lou is already fixed, current on his vaccinations, and free to an approved home. Anyone with questions or who is interested is asked to email:

If you aren’t able to adopt Lou, please give him a helping hand by sharing his information.

Location: Dixon, California

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11 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Please give Lou a home with no other dog as he is not good with non submissive dogs. He can be trained but it takes a home to help a dog like Lou. He would flourish with the love and guidance of a family and would be the dog any family would want. Dog trainers can help get him to a point of accepting other dogs too.

  2. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Help Lou to find his own home !!! HE REALLY NEED THIS ????????THINK 2 YEARS IN A KENNEL !!! LOU WILL OUT !!! PLAY AN CUDDLE WHITH HIS OWN FAMILY ????????????????????????BIG HUGS FROM SWEDEN ????????????????????

  3. Darla G says:

    The kiss of death…..he needs to be an only dog (or “would do best” as an only dog). Most of us already have pups. This guy is so cute!


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