Shelter pooch Kiah deals with her depression after losing her puppies

Kiah had been a pregnant stray when she was found wandering the roads near Atlanta, Georgia. Brought to the Cherokee Humane Society, a foster mom took her in and saw that the dog had started to lactate.

According to the Cherokee Humane Society, radiograms showed no signs of active labor, and the news of the impending birth of puppies no longer turned to celebration. Apparently Kiah had been repeatedly shot with pellets, but it is not known what resulted in the death of her puppies; veterinarians performed an emergency c-section to save her life. Two days later Kiah went home to her foster home to recuperate.

 “The emergency c-section to remove the puppies saved her life. We’ve named her Kiah, which means “new beginning,” and that’s what we are going to give her,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

For two days following her surgery, Kiah seemed depressed. She would just lie in her bed all day and didn’t want to eat or drink. Medically there was nothing wrong with her, and her incision had been healing fine. It was Kiah’s foster mom, Caroline Claffey, who made the difference for a pup with a broken heart.

According to 11Alive, Claffey has been helping Kiah to understand what happened to her puppies.

“I had to give her water with a turkey baster and pour food down her throat,” Caroline said. “I went out and brought her some stuffed animals, hoping they would cheer her up. She has three tiny ones, a regular sized one, and one that hums lullabies and vibrates (that’s her favorite). After she got her new ‘babies’ she started eating and drinking with a little more enthusiasm.”

Caroline explained that most dogs who give birth to dead puppies can still see and smell the babies providing them with their instinct that the puppy has died. Kiah may have spent her entire life in a puppy mill getting pregnant over and over and expected a litter to care for – this time however they were never born. Her hormones told her she was a mom, but the absence of her puppies sent her into a downward spiral. Caring for her stuffed babies has helped her nurturing instinct.

According to Kiah’s latest update on the organization’s GoFundMe page, there’s still a way to go before she can be made available for adoption and find her “forever” home.

“Kiah visited the vet yesterday for a follow up. Her bloodwork revealed no abnormalities, her incision is healing really well, and her mastitis is almost gone. Unfortunately she did test positive for heartworms. We can’t start treatment until her spirits are better, because the treatment can be pretty intense. It is also pretty costly, so your donations are extremely appreciated!

CHS is so grateful and touched for all the heartwarming thoughts you have sent Kiah. Here is a picture of her at her checkup yesterday – she was so brave!”

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