Untangled: Four baby squirrels rescued after their tails became knotted

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On Thursday evening, four baby squirrels from Chicago needed the help of a rescue group to untangle their knotted tails. When Animal Care and Control found the babies, they quickly notified Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation in Barrington.

So how did this happen? According to the Facebook page of the wildlife rescue organization, it is suspected the baby squirrels’ tails had initially become sticky from the tree sap, and as the babies pulled each other to free themselves, they ended up “pulling in opposite directions”. As each one pulled, it tightened and hurts the tails of all of them, and so then they panicked, described the rescue’s found and director Dawn Keller.

When discovered the baby squirrels were pulling against each other and crying. And so the complicated untangling began. Each of the baby squirrels were lightly sedated and placed in a sock, so if they moved, they would be contained; it was as if rescuers had to unravel a puzzle stated Dawn. They had to feel the knots and then figure out which tail belonged to which baby and move them around until they could unravel one at a time. For the next two-and-a-half-hours, tails were untangled.

Although each baby suffered multiple fractures in their tails, all are recovering and resting comfortably. All of them were thin and dehydrated – they were too scared and in too much pain to eat. Once rehabilitated they will all be released; hopefully everyone will keep their tails “up”!

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(Photos via the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation)

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Awww! These poor little babies! I live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees and so we have a lot of squirrels and birds,my elderly father enjoys feeding the birds and I enjoy feeding the squirrels. They are so comical and silly! All the neighbors on my street also feed the birds and squirrels so they all are well fed,we also have a lot of chipmunks and they snack on what I put out for the squirrels. These poor babies got off to a bad start and I’m so glad they were rescued and helped,it kills me to see any kind of animal in a bad situation or having to feel any pain or fear! Hope they make a speedy recovery and return to being acrobats in the trees and playing tag in the grass. Thank u to all who helped these babies❤️


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