Sicko animal abusers cut off donkey’s tail

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There are just too many mentally sick people in the world. In a recent animal cruelty report, beyond any rational explanation, a donkey’s tail was completely severed in a nighttime attack in the animal’s paddock. According to the Animal Shelter in Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom, who were asked to help because the owners could not afford the expensive care and treatment, the jack donkey named Eeyore was left with the bone exposed and spinal fluid oozing out of his open wound.

Natalie Thomas, at the Green Acres Animal Rescue, called the action on Eeyore as the “worst case of cruelty we’ve ever seen.” On the organization’s Facebook, Thomas explained what had happened and the course of action now planned to help the donkey.
“The owners, with vet advice have tried to get this to heal but sadly extensive surgery is the only way this can be resolved, and the owners were struggling so they asked for help… Immediately after arrival we called in the vets from Cotts Equine Hospital being specialist in the field, we wanted to know what our options were; they confirmed that there is bone exposed and the injury is leaking spinal fluid. The only option is surgery to removed part of this bone, and using the skin left sew up to give him a ‘docked tail’ look. It’s a fairly skilled operation…”
The Haverfordwest center’s supporters read about Eeyore’s terrible plight on Facebook and within 24 hours funds for the expensive operation had been raised. The BBCNews reports the operation for Eeyore is scheduled for early next week, and when he is completely healed he will be ready for adoption.

“When Eeyore is all healed he should have another 15 or 20 years of life left to enjoy,” stated Thomas. “He is such a wonderful, gentle animal. Despite being in a lot of pain he stands calmly as we change his dressing every day and he loves all the volunteers. I can’t thank our supporters enough for their help.”

Although the surgeons and Green Acres Animal Rescue will not be able to “pin the tail on the donkey,” Eeyore will heal and the ten-year-old donkey enjoy years to “hee haw” in delight.

Police have been notified, but there have been no clues as to the responsible person(s). Will they do it again to another animal or will they progress in their cruelty and hurt humans next? Someone must know; be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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(Photos of donkey’s tail cut off courtesy of Green Acres Animal Rescue)

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6 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    i hope that somebody will know who did to Eeyore so that they can be punished severely. Would love to do the same thing to this BASTARD. It would give me great please in cutting his cock and balls off. Karma will get her revenge on you SCUMBAG i can guarantee it

  2. John says:

    I hope and Pray that if who ever done this to this Donkey gets the same thing done to them. How can People do this is beyond me. Karma know who you are. Own up to it.

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    So cruel and appalling! I’m starting to see just how rampant animal cruelty is in the U.K.,just like it is EVERYWHERE! I’m over joyed that Eeyore is reviving and will make a complete recovery! GET WELL SOON EEYORE!

  4. Jeanette Fossum says:

    it isn’t the fact of so many sick people in this world. the fact is, not too much happens to them if they are caught. stop feeding the sickness with excuses, make them pay. a year in jail and go take care of animals they have abused.


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