Pet pig suffers severe injuries after being used as ‘dog bait’ for training

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A Houston based animal rescue group found Jude, a pet pig, on the side of a busy road with severe injuries after he had been used as “dog bait” for training dogs to fight in the ring. According to Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network, the pig was immediately transferred to the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital in College Station, where veterinarians first suggestion was to humanely euthanize Jude because of the extent of his injuries.

Rescuers didn’t agree, and made the decision to help Jude fight for his life. After one night at the hospital, he was released, however his injuries would require constant care:

“He had one eye completely gone that was filled with puss and maggots, the ear that remained was so inflamed with infection that we didn’t think it could be saved,” stated Meagan Se, a spokesperson for the group according to the Chron Houston. “Both of his hind legs had bloody impressions from a rope being tied to them tightly as well as a bloody rope burn around his neck.”

And then there were more egregious injuries that Jude had suffered including his tusks chopped off to avoid hurting the dogs as well as his front teeth broken and jagged for the same reason.

“This is the result of a defenseless pig being tied up and having dogs turned on to him as practice for dog fighting. Not one animal, pig or dog, deserves this abuse for the ‘entertainment’ of sick humans,” rescuers posted on their Facebook page.

The group could barely imagine the pain and suffering Jude had suffered, but when they needed to rub the antimicrobial medication to his tortured body, Jude allowed his rescuers to touch him and seemed to enjoy the first moments of tenderness he had felt in such a long time. Jude’s recovery has been remarkable both physically and emotionally.

According to the Humane Society, hog-dog fighting is a sport still quite prevalent in the South. The “sport” is disturbing as the dog owner leads his trained fighting pit bull into an enclosed area seemingly angry and ready to fight. At the other end of the arena a pig is forced into the pen while the ‘handler’ pokes and pushes the animal into the pen to face the already snarling dog. There are no defenses for the pig as someone has already chopped off his tusks and teeth. In a moment, the dog attacks and the pig squeals in fright and intense pain. The crowd cheers as the dog wrestles the pig to the ground  – the dog is declared the winner. And then the pig is removed and waits for the next fight.

Fortunately Jude will never experience any kind of abuse, torture or pain again, and the group is hoping to use this experience and heart wrenching example of animal cruelty to convince lawmakers that more legal protections are needed for pigs in the state.

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  1. Sadly the POS’s who tortured this poor baby are never going to be found and punished for this disgusting, cruel act (no doubt they have done this many times before)………

    I will simply hope they die horrible, painful and terrifying deaths. And I know there are special places in Hell waiting for them to burn forever for their cruelty…….

  2. Crying again! I’m sick to my stomach over this horror! Society is filled with depraved and demented sewer scum masquerading as human beings! I would get immense pleasure lining up every single animal abuser in existence and mowing them all down with a machine gun,I would be doing the world a huge favor and this planet would be a better place! My heart and soul aches for Jude and I will be praying that he will make a complete recovery! GOD BLESS ALL INVOVLED IN THE RESCUE OF JUDE

  3. Texas again, I know these things happen all over the US but many of the stories of animal abuse are coming from Texas! Our only hope is these POS’s that think animals don’t matter meet a fate worthy of the abuse they are handing out. It would seem the law isn’t able to do anything about all of this!

  4. Please catch the monsters who did this, have lots of pictures for the courts, shut them down, rescue any animals they have and put the monsters in prison for a long time and tell all the other prisons what they did to this little baby, so they can get theirs.

  5. Tears fall for Jude, sweet mini pig; just of so many victims. Will donate and pray for ya. My stomach is sick for the way of the world. God did not put animals here for man to abuse and torture for their sick, twisted pleasure or profit. We could not have made more of a mess of the power we were given. What do these people think gives them the right to hurt others in such a heartless, evil manner? What an elevated sense of importance they have of themselves in this world. Animals were not put here for us dispose of; we have never owned them and have no right to HOG dog fight them (which shockingly is LEGAL), or skin them alive, or burn them with acid or hack their limbs off, etc. like so many warped, backwoods billy bob bad ass cowardly pricks do. Astonishing and causes me much hopelessness and depression. Can you imagine witnessing a scene with people gathering around, men, their wives and kids, laughing & encouraging this brutal slaughter? I would feel like I was in some horror type nightmare like HUNGER GAMES or THE HUNTED? Sadly, this is no movie but what man has turned into REAL life . We should have protected the defenseless or voiceless and helped them.but instead we have used it against them in the most hideous inflicted cruelty imaginable. Guess what? Animals have a right to be here too and a right not to be tormented by Man, the most terrifying of all creation, taking sadistic pleasure In hurting others. Animals would have never fucked up the world so badly. But do not despair, there will be a price to pay in the next life, animal abusers. …and there will be no rest for the wicked. Maybe I’m a sadist against animal abusers, because after three years of hearing this stuff, your suffering puts a grin back on my face. Call me heartless.

    • Well said Sherry. I would love to be on the giving end to WORTHLESS POS that feel they have a right to hurt defenseless animals. Bet they won’t be tough guys once I whip up on their nasty bad selves. KARMA GONE GET YOU PUNKS,, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!! THE HELL WITH THE LAW GETTING JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS,, WE ARE NOT PUTTING UP WITH YOUR STINKING ABUSE ANYMORE!!????????????????

  6. Me again. Sorry so lengthy lately. Stuff is getting to me. Just saying that I’m not surprised Texas a & m recommended euthanasia; aren’t they the ones still conducting cruel experiments on dogs by making them suffer and die with multiple sclerosis? Think so…shame. shame.

  7. horrible evil creeps I pray they are used as human bait for the sharks & die please pray for the little piggie & heal him god at the the vet bg

  8. Yep, should have known it was Texas. It was either Texas or California. NICE REPUTATION GUYS. Looks like you would learn and clean up Texas or don’t you care about your animals? Disgusting states.

  9. Exactly what needs to happen before authorities decide to step up and start arresting and prosecuting these maggots who think abusing animals is a sport???????? These unhuman hunks of ghetto trash need to be stuffed in a car trunk and driven over the nearest cliff – unfit to breathe.

  10. If found quilty, truly guilty with evidence, immediate lifetime jail sentence. No appeals, no chance for parole. If they are that cruel to innocent animals, just think of what they could and will do to humans. They do not belong in society. They are sociopaths and therefore not considered fit to walk the earth with normal people. Reopen Alcatraz and send them there. I do not care how humane it is since they have shown they possess no humanity. Remove them permanently.

  11. I am so afraid that the monsters in the world way out number the good people. Thank you to whomever found this precious injured soul and helped him. Dear Lord please ease sweet Jude’s pain that was caused by a sick, depraved monster.


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