‘Old man’ depressed after being homeless for nearly a year

Old Man is depressed
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A senior dog at the Logan County Humane Society in Russellville, Kentucky, has become quite depressed after living life as a homeless dog. The eight-year-old dog, named “Devoe,” is so sad about his current situation that he is losing weight and “giving up on life.”

A staff member commented on this depressed “old man,”

“Meet Devoe! He is 8 years old. This old man has been at Logan County Humane Society since April of last year. He makes us smile everyday with his charm and loving personality. Devoe is just looking for that wonderful family who will give him the love and attention that he deserves. We are trying really hard to find him his forever home. Devoe is starting to lose weight and is giving up on life.

Old Man is depressed

The post about Devoe continues:

All he wants is to be on a soft dog bed, rolling in the grass, and be loved on. When Devoe got here he was great with other dogs. After being at the shelter for so long he is getting a little grumpy around the younger population. He could be in a home with other dogs as long as they are not too hyper. We believe he will do great with another calm dog. He just has been at the shelter for so long and it’s such a stressful atmosphere. (Right now he is barking at other dogs but he doesn’t show any aggression towards them.)
He would love a yard where he can run around and be a dog. He is good with all people, including kids. So far we haven’t had any luck with finding a rescue or adopter for him. We have posted him several times on our Facebook page without any luck.”


You can help Devoe find a family by networking his information. Interested in Devoe? Please contact Elin of Logan County Humane Society by emailing [email protected].

Logan County Humane Society is located at 1230 Morgantown Road, Russellville, KY.

Find the Logan County Humane Society on Facebook at this link.

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