Neighbor shoots family’s Pomeranian four times

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In Sydney, Australia, a 66-year-old man faces aggravated animal cruelty charges for shooting a family’s ten-year-old Pomeranian multiple times. At first the dog’s owner thought his dog had been bitten by a snake.

The tragic offense took place right before Christmas in western Sydney.

According to NTNews, the tiny pooch was rushed to a nearby emergency veterinarian where radiographs revealed the dog had four bullets lodged in its spine, lung and rib cage. Veterinarians were not optimistic about operating on the dog named BJ – not knowing if he would survive surgery. Miraculously the pooch survived and has since been returned to his family where he is recuperating.

During an investigation following the shooting, police arrived at a nearby property located in Cecil Park, and interviewed a 66-year-old man and his 14-year-old grandson. In a search of the property, authorities discovered the air rifle matching the caliber of the bullets used to shoot the dog. The unidentified man has been charged with the unauthorized use of a firearm as well as the animal cruelty charge. He is scheduled to appear in court in February.

Get well soon BJ. No reason has been provided for the man alleged to have shot the dog.

(Photo of Pomeranian (not one in article) courtesy of Pomeranian Adopt Rescue Me!)

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  1. People that shoot dogs don’t need a reason! They are just nasty, mean POS’s that likes to shoot animals and it doesn’t matter to them whether they are a family’s pet. This 66 year old man is teaching his 14 year grandson what it is to be a murderer! Way to go “Grandpa”! Prayers for BJ for a complete recovery.

    • Hopefully, the 14 yr old will see his grandpa get in some serious trouble. We can only hope some real consequences will be dished out to this bonehead.

      • I haven’t got much hope of this POS getting what he deserves. After reading the punishment dealt to a 23 year old woman for leaving her two dogs in an apartment to starve to death, I don’t think there are going to be any repercussions, at least none that are meaningful.

  2. He should be punished and served time! That Pomeranian should not have gone through something like that! Happy to hear the Pomeranian survived!

  3. Great the Pomeranian survived, good luck to you little sweetheart. This person who shot him should be jailed. It’s about time animal cruelty was treated seriously and the offenders serve time in jail and fined thousands of dollars. Who paid for the vet bills in this case I bet the neighbour didn’t pay a cent. Would he have shot him if the dog had had a gun????? what a hero!!!! The neighbour is lucky he is not my neighbour. HE IS AN OXYGEN THIEF!!!


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