Neighbor who shot family’s Golden retriever charged with animal cruelty

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The Lakeville, Massachusetts man who claimed he shot and killed his neighbors’ Golden retriever in self-defense is now facing charges. Mark J. Vasseur, 61, has been charged with malicious killing/injury to a domesticated animal according to police.

As a result of an investigation on 10-8-17 regarding a call for a dog that had been shot at 9 Susan Lane, the Lakeville Police Department have charged Mark J. Vasseur DOB 11-12-55 of 9 Susan Ln. Lakeville with the following: Malicious Killing/Injury of a domesticated animal Mr. Vasseur will be arraigned in Wareham District Court at a date to be determined.


According to Boston25News,  Vasseur stated the dog tried to attack him after the dogs attacked and killed his chicken.

“I tried to spook them, the retriever turned and charged at me. I had no choice but to shoot him, it was self-defense,” Vasseur told the news reporter. “It was either get bit by the dog or shoot him. I’m an animal lover, I love dogs, I would never shoot a dog unjustly.”

Krissy Dashner and Pete Bates had let their two dogs out into the yard on Sunday to go for a run on their nine acre property. This time, however the dogs ran away, and for almost an hour Krissy and Pete searched and called for the dogs. Suddenly their hearts went into their throats as five shots rang out in the distance. Moments later, the couple’s German shepherd named Zeke came running towards them; their Golden retriever named Walle never returned. The dog was shot five times.

The couple admitted the dogs should have been confined to their runs, however the dogs were too fast as the couple opened the doors to get them situated; immediately they were in pursuit of their dogs that had mistakenly escaped.

The suspect will be arraigned at Wareham District Court.

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10 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m glad this POS is being charged, neighbors shouldn’t have to kill their neighbor’s pets and unless something is done about this, it will be open season on dogs that have escaped their yards. I don’t believe this man’s story, I find it hard to imagine a Golden Retriever attacking someone, Golden Retrievers are usually very friendly dogs! And shot five times, is a little much to my way of thinking! If the dogs had killed his chicken then call the authorities and turn them in!

  2. willie hines says:

    Please do me a favor and have your husband go over and whip his mother fucking ass . If my dogs i promise he would not be walking.This man killed your dog out of hate .My opinion. Coward , maggot time for some serious payback.

  3. paula calabrese says:

    i dont care if he acted in self defense or not he shouldnt have shot the dog, karma is a Bitch he will get his i hope he Rotts in hell and gets the book thrown at him i hope he doesnt get away with this animal abuse . abuse is abuse thers No Excuses for any of it……. its all too bad for him he doesnt want to be prooven wrong.!!!!!!!,,,,,,…….

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    This idiot named Vassuer is lying through his teeth to defend himself for murdering a dog – no way did Walle kill his chickens or attack him – he had a gun and wanted to use it – bottom line – Walle did nothing to provoke or hurt him – get this human maggot off the streets and into jail where some predatory inmates can make him a victim on a daily basis.

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    What the Hell is wrong with shooting in the AIR!!! No he Was going to Show his Neighbors WHO IS THE KING OF THE HILL… The owners also need to build a large run for their animal’s 9 acres is a nice size, ( we have 10) so their two animals traveled quite a ways pretty damn fast….


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