Groomer charged with animal cruelty

Groomer faces animal cruelty charges for dog’s death

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A Georgia pet groomer is facing charges after she allegedly caused a client’s dog to die. According to Friday’s 11 Alive News, last weekend Meko was left at the Paw’sh Paws grooming business in Cumming – his owner, Eric Francis, wanted the dog to be bathed.

Employee Lisa Riles, who witnessed the alleged incident, has stated that the store owner, Michelle Root, choked and beat Meko until the dog was “unresponsive.” Root has denied the abuse and instead claims that Meko died after suffering a seizure.

Cumming Police Department Deputy Chief Barrett described the alleged abuse which Meko suffered before dying:

“Allegedly the owner had the dog by a leash and was kicked multiple times in the side of the head and the dog was drug across the pet salon and was hit up against the table and washtub and was hung by the leash very gruesomely,”

Root was arrested and she is facing a felony charge for the alleged incident – her business remains open and she is maintaining her innocence, reports Fox 5 Atlanta. Meko’s body will undergo a necropsy to help determine the true cause of his death.

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15 replies
  1. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Close that business immediately! Someone should have stopped that woman ! That poor dog did not deserve to die! Shame on everyone who did not physically stop this murder!

  2. Marsha Squibb says:

    She looks high,either drugs or booze….If my groomer looked like that my dogs would NOT be at her salon… That’s me tho maybe I’m too protective….Not blaming him at all

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    This evil woman needs to be locked away, license revoked, and never be near another animal as long as she lives! These poor people, I can’t imagine losing your pet like this! Rest in peace Meko, I hope and pray there is some justice for your family.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Always have references of those who groom your pets and if possible stay there to make sure they are taken care of without being hit,dragged or otherwise harmed to get their pet to stay still. Dogs can be resistant to being groomed, but find someone who your dog likes and you feel will be good to your dog. There should be cameras all over these facilities just so nothing like this happens and then is denied.

  5. vicki hood says:

    Do NOT leave your dog where you cannot observe. This can be common and the claims are the dog bit etc/. etc. This groomer must be prosecuted . Many thanks for the witness. Wish she could have done more like interfere when this cruelty was happening.



  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Michelle Root is no groomer – she is an animal abuser who murdered an innocent defenseless dog in front of employees who did nothing to stop her – this hell hole called Paw’sh Paws needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY – what the fuck is wrong w/people who stood there and did nothing to help this poor animal – bunch of spineless cowardly punks.

  8. pamela bolton says:

    ANOTHER SUB-HUMAN BREATHING CLEAN AIR. Close down the business and put her butt in jail for animal cruelty and MURDER.

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    Lisa Riles AT LEAST provided the authorities with enough evidence to arrest and charge THE ROOT BITCH!!!! The authorities WOULD have had NOTHING AT ALL to charge this murdering bitch with otherwise… so give her a break, we do not know her circumstances. Yell at the system for not Closing this “CHAMBER OF DEATH”!!

  10. Red says:

    If I was the owner of the dog that was murdered….. I would go after her for every stinking thing she has…this worthless excuse of a human needs to be locked away for a very long time!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what the courts say, file a claim against her yourself….


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