Man stabs girlfriend’s dog for ‘taking her side’ during argument

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A Lehigh Acres, Florida man fatally stabbed his girlfriend’s dog for always “taking her side” during arguments states the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Mike M. Lado, 26, was arrested on Wednesday and faces animal cruelty charges for the stabbing death of a Boxer and Labrador mix  named Blue.

According to WinkNews,  Lado had returned home intoxicated early Wednesday morning and began arguing with his live-in girlfriend. Blue had been sitting next to the women, and five minutes after the couple ended their fight, the dog had slipped his collar and followed Lado into the kitchen. The dog’s owner told authorities at no time did Blue even approach Lado nor did the dog show any aggression. She did say, however the dog barked and growled at Lado when he came towards the dog with a large butcher knife and stabbed her pet twice.

In a FoxNews report, the heartbreaking trail of Blue’s last minutes of life could be followed by the blood splattered path beginning with the pool of blood in the kitchen. The trail of blood lead down the hallway; blood on the doors at the end of the hallway indicated Blue tried desperately to escape from his attacker, but when he had lost too much blood, collapsed and died on the floor against the door he tried to push open.



A necropsy will be done on the dog to determine the exact cause of death. Lado remains in jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Rest in peace Blue.

(Photos of man stabs dog for “taking her side” via Wink News screenshots)

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  1. Of course the dog sided with the girlfriend! Dogs are a good judge of character and Mike M. Lado is nothing but a thug that would blame a dog for his shortcomings! Rest in peace Blue, you certainly didn’t deserve to be murdered like this! I hope Lado rots in jail!

    • Right! What a moronic defense “the dog sided with her in arguments”. There is no excuse for murdering a dog and he should go to jail for life. Take a life, give up your own pathetic life, piece of shit fucktard.

  2. What a POS nutcase!!! Please get this worthless piece of trash off the streets and give him the max penalty for killing this poor dog!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG, poor Blue. I’m so sorry, sweet baby. You didn’t do anything wrong – you were just unfortunate enough to live with an effing POS. RIP Blue.

  4. Wonder if his girlfriend will stay with him or leave.I don’t like talking about politics but both parties are not working for the American people and don’t seem to care about things like this. I guess if it doesn’t happen to them, it means nothing. More and more people are committing heinous crimes against animals as well as each other and all DC does is bicker back and forth about is Russia (who we were partners with during WW2). Animals have no say in how they are treated, and finally it has become a felony to do this to an animal. Should be in jail a long time.

  5. Lado the Loser just proved he is unworthy to live – another punk coward to takes his anger out on an innocent animal only shows he is and always will be a knuckle dragging cave dweller who is beyond help. Just wonder what his girlfriend did while her dog was being murdered? I bet not much.

  6. He is an extreme danger to society and must never be free in public again! Poor Blue should never have died!

  7. Another useless egotistical POS who thinks he’s the supreme being in someone’s life. He’s a fucking ignorant asshole and I’d love to stab that fucker to death!!!

  8. Of course Blue took her side and disliked this thug / scumbag / loser / SOS! Dogs (and cats) are great judges of character. I hope he rots in prison and gives his girlfriend time to kick him to the curb permanently.


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