Man dragged by moving car

Man dragged by car while trying to save puppy from dog-napper

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A man was injured when he was dragged by a moving car which was being driven by an alleged dog-napper. According VVNG News, video was captured of the frightening situation which  happened on Thursday afternoon on the streets of Victorville, California.

According to the mother of the man seen being dragged beside the car, the driver had grabbed her son’s two-month-old pit bull puppy and tried to drive away. The owner of the puppy reached in through the car window to grab his puppy, but the driver put the window up and began driving.

Eventually, the driver stopped, opened the window and the puppy’s owner was freed. The puppy at the heart of the terrifying situation, as well as the driver of the car, are still nowhere to be found.  Victorville Sheriff’s Spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez told VVNG, “The only description was a dark colored Honda, driven by a black male adult with a pony tail. Neither the suspect nor the vehicle were located.”

After the video, which was taken by a shocked witness, was reviewed, it was determined that the dark vehicle may actually be a Ford rather than a Honda.

Watch a video of the crazy scene below:

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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    First question how was this person able to get a hold of the puppy? Second question why was the puppy not on a leash? Third question if this was caught on video why wasn’t this person caught? This is a very bizarre story! Yes dogs do get stolen but usually when they are left unattended!

    • Teresa says:

      I had the same question..Im thinking it was probably more likely a repossession..Like dog wasnt paid for..noway..they wouldn’t be able to find and charge this guy…
      But yes its a fishy stort

  2. Sherry says:

    Oh, dear god, it’s a pit bull, I hope the dognapper isn’t going to use it for a BAIT dog. I’m praying hard on the safe return of this puppy and the swift arrest of the creep behind the wheel. How heroic of the owner to try so hard, risking his own life to save his puppies. Finally something we can be proud of. But prayer warriors are needed for a happy ending to this story!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    What in the world is going on? People snatching puppies, the poor man trying to get his puppy back, Has the world gone mad? Somebody knows who this monster is that stole the puppy and tried to kill it’s owner by dragging him like this. Someone better turn the monster in and give him his puppy back! What’s the sense in this. They can’t blow up the video and get a license plate number?

  4. Althea Armstrong says:

    This person needs to be caught NOW!!!! He is a thug dangerous to society if he could drag a person this far with his car over a puppy he just stole.

  5. susispot says:

    Victorville isn’t that big of a city. They are going to GET this guy. I hope the puppy is found safe and returned to his family.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This poor puppy desperately needs to be rescued from the maggot who stole him. The technology should be able to enhance and clear up the video in order to see the license plate – this bastard needs to be caught before the puppy is turned into bait.


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