Man accused of holding puppy underwater in bathtub

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A disturbing, viral video of apparent animal cruelty has garnered attention over the weekend after a man from Northampton posted a short clip showing a small black and white puppy being held over a bathtub of soapy water and then pushed underwater. The video, uploaded to social media accompanied the disturbing action along with the man’s voice:

“See your dog? It’s going to be getting drowned.”

The puppy could be seen shaking and trying to swim while the man completely submerged the defenseless little one.

Northamptonshire Police has confirmed the dog is “safe and well” according to the Northampton Chronicle, however have not identified the owner, but continues to investigate the complaints. Apparently the dog remains with his owner pending further investigation.

“We are aware of a video currently circulating on social media relating to cruelty to a dog.

“The dog is safe and well and the circumstances relating to the video are currently being investigated by officers from Northamptonshire Police, who will liaise with animal welfare authorities as appropriate.”

Complaints also flooded into the RSPCA who agreed it is unacceptable to treat a dog in that manner. but stated they were not able to share any details at this time.

And why is that dog still with the owner while this case is under investigation?

(Photo of puppy underwater via Facebook)

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      • The RSCPA is an embarrassment to ALL caring rescues – they do little to nothing for animals and this has been proven over and over. They need a complete overhaul from top to bottom. They say this pup is OK, and I take that with a grain of salt – this ahole posted it on social media and they should be sitting in jail and that puppy taken far away from this jerkoff.

  1. I’d love to hold that heartless fuck underwater. He’s lucky the pup is ok …. Because if I ever got a hold of him and that poor pup drowned. he’d be just as dead!!!!!!

  2. Shame on the RSPCA! For allowing the dog to remain with it’s POS owner. You rat bastards for not taking the dog away! His comment alone scares me that this dog is not safe!

  3. If this guy is willing to do this to a puppy what would he do to children? He is a bully just plain and simple! This poor puppy will hate baths the rest of his life because of this incident. Why do a lot of men think to discipline an animal is to abuse it by beating it??? I know it comes from old-school thinking from years ago when we REALLY didn’t know how animal internalized abuse to them to fear of humans which turned to aggression as the animal matured. I don’t know how many times I heard men say beat the dog for not obeying, again old school thinking. I have had this disagreement with my husband and son on this time and time again.

  4. I can’t stop the tears and the complete horror over the fact that this little innocent remains with this EVIL,EVIL MONSTER!!! Under what theory is it ok to let this helpless baby stay in this cruel,torturous,dangerous and abusive situation??? I’m thinking there needs to be a petition going around for this so-called animal protection organization leaving this abused helpless puppy in the hands of its abuser! I shouldn’t be shocked but I am because there is video evidence!! OMG I’M SO SO UPSET!!!!

  5. Take the pup away from her too. He will be back in her life and because he was not charged or had a light fine he will do that again– only worse

  6. Soooo… you just let this monster keep this poor innocent pup BECAUSE HE DID NOT KILL IT?!?!?!? What kind of sense does that make? TAKE THAT BABY away from that monster!

  7. It is essential that this POS scumbag be banned from ever owning a pet again.I dare this bastard to make face to face contact with me, to enable this bastard to undergo the required permanent payback! An eye for an eye!

  8. IDIOTS investigating; you need to seize the dog and make SURE the owner had no part in this and even if they didn’t , make sure they are not careless or neglectful of the pup, because where were they and how did a psychopath get a hold of the dog. What are you waiting for? By the time you finish investigating, the dog may be dead. morons. Sorry puppy. You got stuck with an abuser and you are not being adequately protected.


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