Last plea – no offers, no pledges for owner surrendered wiggle-butt dog

Last plea for owner-surrendered dog
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A final plea has been issued on behalf of a “wiggle-butt,” owner surrendered dog who is being held at the Harris County Animal Control agency in Texas. The young dog, just two years of age, was surrendered to the facility on November 10 and she has not received any pledges or interest.

The Facebook page, Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need, wrote a desperate plea for the young dog, who is at risk of being put down after the holiday:

$0 In Verified Public Donations  + $175 Brilliant Energy Pledge. >>> 11/22/2017 UPDATE: THIS IS A LAST PLEA FOR HELP!!! Has been at the shelter for days with no interest. This dog needed an adopter or rescue group to commit by the end of the day today. No one came  This dog is now at risk of euthanasia when the shelter reopens after the holidays (the shelter is closed Thursday and Friday)!!!!!

The shelter is closed, but this dog can still be saved! The volunteer-run Facebook page wrote:

While the shelter is closed to the public, a rescue group can still alert the shelter they want to save the animal – but rescues need foster homes before they can commit to pull the animal from the shelter (someone who will temporarily open their home for the animal to stay – think of doggy babysitting). Who can foster? If a rescue is interested you will be asked to fill out a foster application through them. A foster could save this animal’s life! If interested please post in the thread (along with where you live).

Watch this dog’s video – see how full of life she is and her desire for affection. Please take a moment to network her information and help her find a rescue group or adopter – before it’s too late.

Petharbor link here.

Facebook thread here.

Shelter information:

Location of animal: Harris County Animal Shelter – Houston Texas <–shelter website. See pictures of ALL animals
Please call shelter staff with questions: 281-999-3191 Press 0
Shelter Phone Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Closed 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm) & 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Saturday – Sunday
TO ADOPT you must go TO THE SHELTER: 612 Canino Road, Houston, TX 77076
Adoption hours: Monday-Friday 1-5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 11-3:30pm
Adoption Fees: $50 Dogs, $80 puppies, $20 cats, $35 kittens (includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, rabies and microchip) Seniors and Military ½ off adoption fee

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  1. Lots of us would love to have her and her buddy too. Need a rescue to pull them and then a volunteer transport to get her to her home. I know this is possible as i volunteer with transport often for several groups. Our love goes far so does our car. Put my name on them both if someone can put this together. I will donate some but my pension only goes so far. I will gladly support them and that’s about all i can do.

  2. I apologize if I offend anyone but have any of you gone to the Facebook page for Wiggle Butt? That is where most, (all?), of the sharing and search for a foster home is taking place. There are pledges here and I don’t know if the information is being transferred there.

  3. I am in GA. I am 12 hours away from her. I depend on a rescue or transport. I hope all of this info has been sent to the shelter by the rescue or the person that posted this article. It can also be pulled on Facebook under the Shelter page. Somebody please alert them pledge made & rescue trying to get there Monday. I do not have Facebook as personal only business (not mine). I can’t log onto Facebook from my personal phone so it will be Monday morning on my work pc. I am staying close to this article’s comments; but it is lagging some. You all also have my phone number if anything urgent comes through. I hope Monday is enough time as well. I’m hoping if anything my pledge will hold. I want to make sure she’s safe whether they can get her to me or not. Praying hard & heavy. Thanks for all those helping!

  4. Great news to update everyone! Shelly called & said an adopter is holding her & another rescue already has her tagged if that falls through. I am just so heartened that she is safe! So grateful to Eric for sending me in contact with Shelly! Now I have a new rescue contact in TX for life! Thanks everyone for pulling together!

    • 911 in your neck of the woods Jennifer. See if you can help this one. ID #A17-802.His name is Pepsi. He’s in the Griffin, GA Shelter. He’s an adorable little boy.

      • Hi Eric. I have the info pulled up now. They don’t show him urgent yet. Can you tell me the story/situation? You can call or text me 478-456-8764 or email me at [email protected] going forward if you like. That way I can be sure to get the info faster (text best bet). And then when I get your into I can send you things as well. Thank you!

      • Hi Eric, still working in saving Pepsi in Griffin. I would like to find out more if you know? If it comes down to his last day on Wednesday, I am planning on clicking to be his last call to get him.


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