Kindest act: Peruvian news reporter stops live coverage of flood to save drowning dog

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A Peruvian reporter recently performed the kindest act when he stopped his live coverage of a flood to rescue a dog who nearly drowned frantically looking for a dry spot. According to the Asian Age, Aaron Rodriguez had been in front of the camera reporting on flood conditions for the publication Latina Noticias, when he spotted the dog trying to get out of the water.

Flooding in Peru has affected over 640,000 people and left many more homeless. While reporting live, Rodriguez saw the dog  swimming in the water, but sadly unable to find his way to safety. That is when the reporter moved forward and scooped the pooch up with his hands; gently placing him in a safe, dry place.

Rodriquez, however wasn’t the only animal lover with a big heart in this terrible natural disaster area. Another Latina Noticias reporter, Ricardo Reyna joined in a similar rescue when he spotted a different dog trying to get out of the water in the Cajamarquilla region. Reyna also helped the dog out of the flood waters to a safe dry area. The videos have been going viral – and both reporters have been lauded for their heroic and truly wonderful deeds.

Thousands of people are still struggling to recover after the torrential rain that resulted in major destruction.

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Photos of Aaron Rodriquez via YouTube video


Check out Aaron’s kind act. Would you have done the same? We think so!

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  1. Red says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to see kindness and compassion to animals, especially in horrible devastating times!! Thank you sweet man!

    • ellen cottone says:

      Barkleys Mom,
      Greetings!! we are As we speak in lima Peru, We have been here for a week. my husband has been an american citizen for 30 years but he is a peruvian national. Tomorrow at dawn we fly for 4 hrs to the mountains to help where we can.

      Our mission is animals in need. american money is 3 times what the soles is what little money we have will go along way. But we will be muddy boots on ground.
      As a new yorker it was disturbing the amount of strays. but they cross the streets with with us. They are also the
      citys citizens and lie in the parkes with us. They are fed by people and look well fed. peru are kind to animals . they are known for it . Peru is on no international animal rescue shit list. They are gental and kind to humans and our animal brethren .
      Peru are indeed heros to animals in need. Please keep us in your prayers.And we will talk soon,
      Your friend ellen.

      • Carmen Ortiz says:

        Thank you for all your help. I am from Lima Peru but live in MA. It is sad to see many dogs on the street, the local authorities don’t do anything to control the population. There are not public shelters…. but a lot rescastista, -people that rescue dogs and cat from the street and help them with their own money-. I will like to collect money to help them too. Contact me if you want, maybe we can share ideas.
        Carmen –

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