Starved dogs tried to eat mother dog through fence

Starved dogs tried to eat mother dog through fence

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Days ago, a mother dog was severely injured by neighboring dogs who were so badly neglected that they literally attempted to eat her through the fence which separated her yard from theirs, reported ABC 30 News. On March 31, the Central California SPCA updated Facebook followers about the disturbing case which left the female dog with a leg so badly mangled that it had to be amputated.

The animal welfare agency wrote:

This sweet Pit Bull momma and her puppies were rescued from horrible conditions in west Fresno early this afternoon. The female dog was attacked through the fence by several neighboring dogs that severely wounded her front leg. We rushed her along with four 1 week old puppies to Abby Pet Hospital where their caring staff assessed the injuries. This dog and her puppies are associated with an on-going animal cruelty investigation by our humane officers. The wound covers her entire forearm and is so severe her leg will have to be amputated.

ABC 30 News reported that the dogs responsible for the gruesome attack were neglected and starved, badly enough that they tried to cannibalize the mother dog – the disturbing situation remains under investigation. Five dogs are implicated in the attack on the dog, named “Sophia,” but nobody knows which dog in particular inflicted the damage. Because of the condition of the dogs involved (not Sophia) rescue and rehabilitation is not possible.

Walter Salvari with the CCSPCA explained:

“Unfortunately, because of their condition, we will not be able to rehome them or send them anywhere for rehabilitation,”

Sophia will need a safe place to recuperate from her surgery and injuries – the shelter issued a request for a local foster home:

We will also be seeking a foster home for both mom and puppies to ensure a quiet environment where she can heal peacefully. If you are interested in fostering both mom and puppies, please contact our foster department at 559-233-7722 ext. 118.

 Donations to help cover the surgery can be made at this link to the shelter’s Wellness Fund.
(Images via CCSPCA Facebook page)

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22 replies
  1. Julie Lightfoot says:

    This is truly a shocking story how anyone could neglect an animal whereas it has to be forced into cannibalism is absolutely horrific sone people aren’t fit to own animals hope the poor mum & and her babies get a lovely new home

    • Brenda Lee says:

      The starving dogs shouldnt be euthanized the owners of them should have been .. We would eat each other if we were starved too.. Punish these freaking owners! People dont desrve dogs!!!

      • Marie says:

        Sorry, Hannah but that was a really dumb comment. It
        certainly isn’t common with Pit Bulls. I’ve owned 3 and never had a bad experience with them. Think about it,
        please, it’s how the owners bring them up, or any other dog, it’s not the dog, just because it’s a Pitty.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    What are the authorities going to do with the bastards that allowed this to happen to that poor momma and her pups? AS for the Assholes that starved to dogs to have to be put down… Do they get to go out and get a new bunch of animals to destroy by starvation. Come on out there IN CALIFORNIA … YOUR GOVERNOR and the rest of the REPRESENTIVES IN COUR STATE NEED TO GET THEIR HEADS OUT of THAT DARK CREVICE they are inserted and DEAL WITH THIS SITUTATION NANCY POLSCI GET OFF YOUR CAN and ASSCESS WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO THE ANIMALS OF YOUR STATE!!!

      • Graham says:

        “All our representatives in federal and state government should be doing more.”

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Well! California is the largest STATE and the Worse State for dumping , torture, abuse… This addressing of the problem needs to START Somewhere … Why not California SET a POSITIVE EXAMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THAT STATE>>> Show the REST of the World HOW GREAR YOU ALL ARE OUT IN THE GOLDEN STATE!!!

  3. Red says:

    Sooooo…. the monsters who owned and neglected their 5 dogs….. is anything happening to them? The poor souls were starving. Why is there no word on the idiots who owned them?

  4. Althea Armstrong says:

    This is way too sad for all these animals! I hope more people will get involved in donating to rescue groups and volunteering to try to keep this from happening. I am physically unable to go volunteer, but I do donate to two rescue groups. If everyone would just donate a dollar and/or foster it would save alot of these mistreated animals.

  5. Linda Patton says:

    I’m in San Diego area and willing to foster Sophia and her babies. She’d be very safe and loved as would her babies. I do have two Bichon Freise males, both small, 16 & 17 pounds. Please let me know if I can be of any help…

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Those poor dogs are all victims of animal abuse and I hope the ones who are responsible for it are arrested and punished! Keeping Sophia and her puppies in our prayers. It sounds like she had not had a very good life thus far.

  7. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    OMG!!!! I sure hope the people who had the starving dogs are being sought and charged with this atrocity.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    This has to be one of the most horrifying case of cruelty I’ve heard! Sounds like this town was fully aware of the starving dogs and because they were not rescues from their lives in hell this is what resulted! Poor mama dog! This angers me so much,humanity has created the many horrible issues going on with dogs and humanity needs to fix it! Freaking nobody is this country has made a single attempt to try and change all the issues out there with dogs AND cats! It has to begin with laws and monetary resources,ignoring the issues only allow and encourage it to grow and blossom! Man domesticated the dog,they should of just left them in the wild because humanity has made their existence worse than being in the wild! I consider dogs a beautiful gift from God and I do not think that when God created the dog and the cat he did it so that we can use and abuse them! My heart aches for the dogs that were starving and my heart aches for this mama dog! Dogs only want to love and serve us and to be loved by us in return! Until companion animals get the protection and respect that they so deserve the human species is not worthy of them and all that they do for the human race!


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