Young dog, adored by volunteers, at risk of being killed today

Death row dog is adored by volunteers
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At just three years of age, a beautiful dog, who is adored by shelter volunteers, may lose her life. The dog, named “Kamela,” is being held at the New York Animal Services (Manhattan) facility. Kamela, identification number A1106306, has a good enough temperament that she is considered to be publicly adoptable – but that has done nothing to keep her safe.

On Sunday evening, the Facebook page, Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs wrote the dire words that no dog lover wants to hear:


A glowing description of the death row dog was provided by a volunteer who met Kamela:

Kamela was the highlight of my day. I enjoyed my time with her so much that I had to take her out again. Kamela is a well behaved while lively female. She has all the traits of a family dog. I could tell. She has been so well cared for and is so well dressed in her elegant grey and beige brindle coat. Not a callus, spic and span, healthy, and the perfect weight. Kamela sat in her kennel before being leashed. What a great walker she is, civil with all dogs met. She has a very stern face she which did not prevent her from doing silly things like jumping up and down the back of a bench and getting all entangled with her rope. She loves caresses and enjoyed a petting session sitting by my side. Her eyes soften so much when I hold her face. I really love her!

Being a good girl, with a good temperament, is not enough to keep a homeless dog safe. Kamela is in desperate need of help. Please share her adoption information to help spare her life.

Kamela’s profile here.

For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the animals at NYC ACC, please read our MUST READ section for instructions, or email [email protected]. Our experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process.

You can call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions.

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  1. Sharing this and hoping it isn’t too late. I wish I knew how these beautiful dogs end up in this dire situation!

  2. Murdering healthy innocent dogs has to stop. Every person in your country must demand the president, that he make it happen to stop killing dogs and cats. Please adopt these dogs. PLEASE. SAVE KAMELA.

    • WAKE UP CALL!!! OUR ESTEEMED PRESIDENT TRUMP::: Doesn’t own and I believe has NEVER had Pet’s DOG OR CAT”S … I had thought the same thing then I found out He apparently has no use for such frivolous things such as Pets…. MONEY and More MONEY is his Passion!!! Good thought though … Maybe we should all start with the Senator’s and Representive’s in our RESPECTIVE STATES…. Or maybe we could inquire to Pet Rescue if they could/would develop a Petition THAT ALL the POSTING INDIVIDUAL”S could sign and present to CONGRESS!!!!

      • Pet Rescue only reports. It’s up to individuals to set up a petition!!!! Perhaps we will see one soon!

      • My Congress man isn’t any better, when there was a bill before Congress for supporting Military dogs after they retire, I wrote to mine and asked he support it. I was told that Congress had better things to spend money on. He is a Republican by the way.

      • Sadly Penny, every Liberal has to turn every single post into a political mash. This is about a dog that may lose his life because of an owner who didn’t care enough to keep the dog safe. It is not about your political agenda.

      • I know. And money is always the issue. I am living in The Netherlands and in our country it is forbidden to kill healthy innocent dogs and cats. In the shelters they have all the time to get another home. I wish this were everywhere.

      • Adoption Option:::::::::::::::I am NOT a Liberal :::::::::::::: I am a realist!!! Look up the Trumps and their massive LACK of ever having a Pet so why in the Fucking HELL would He give one cup of diarrhea about saving Animal’s in this country… I have just as much Right to speak my opinion as The Reverend and her minion’s Don’t I ? I also don’t have a Political Agenda! I also ( yes a Democrat VOTED for TRUMP) so I think I can express my opinion…. OH my God am I going to be deported to RUSSIA!!!!

  3. If you killed that beautiful, healthy dog yesterday. You are dispicable.
    Look who I’m talking to, that dog could of Hung herself when she jumped over the back of that bench…..
    Like it matters.
    That poor dog.
    You know, instead of spending all that money on keeping, murders alive on death row.
    Why don’t they just give them mf’s what they deserve, and use the money, towards
    Helping the innocents??

  4. I already wrote a comment, but I guess it got deleted.
    If you people, killed that beautiful, healthy dog yesterday, you are despicable.
    Instead of killing innocent animals, how about changing and making new laws to make the situation at hand better.
    Such as making it mandatory that all dogs and cats be neutered and spayed. ( with in reason.)
    Or another idea…..
    Instead of spending all that money on keeping all those murderers on death row alive. How about giving them monsters what they deserve.
    And use that money, instead
    To help the innocent?
    And I am not only refering to
    Animals either, there’s a lot of innocent, poor
    People out there to, that need help.
    Think people, where all in this mess
    Together, let’s make things better…..
    For everyone.


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