Meat consumption is destroying the planet

The hard truth – meat consumption is destroying the planet

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If the atrocities of factory farming aren’t enough to make you rethink your consumption of meat…perhaps concern over the future of the planet will. According to WWF, an independent conservation organization, the world’s increasing consumption of meat and dairy products is devastating the environment, and it is leading to a loss of biodiversity.

The impact of the environmental issues is outlined in a WWF Report, Appetite for Destruction. The report notes that vast amounts of land are being used to produce feed for animals and valuable resources are being lost. But wait…there’s more. The report stated the meat we eat today is not even as nutritious as it once was:

The loss of species and habitats is not the only outcome
of our current animal protein consumption. Intensive
animal husbandry, relying on feeding animals energyand
protein-rich crops, has been linked to a decrease in
the healthy omega-3 content of our animal products and
an increase in their unhealthy saturated fat content.

People are consuming more meat and dairy than is recommended and the impact is extreme… Duncan Williamson, WWF food policy manager noted that people need to reduce the amount of animal products they consume if the planet is to be spared:

“For people and nature to thrive we need to consume and produce food differently. Eating less animal protein would allow us to farm in a more sustainable way, with less impact on the environment and healthier and more nutritious food.”

The report states:

We already produce
enough to feed the world.
But overconsumption,
inequality, waste, and
inadequate production
and distribution systems
stand in the way of enough
food for everyone and
space for wildlife

So the next time you consider a steak or pork roast for dinner…consider for a moment what your decision has on the environment. Everyone doesn’t have to become a vegetarian, but choosing to replace some meat-based meals with alternate sources of protein can have a big impact.

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