Tortured dog burned with acid

Tortured dog still longs for human touch – despite being beaten and burned

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A tortured dog, mercilessly abused by someone who can only be called a monster, still longs for the kind touch from a human, despite the misery she has been forced to endure. The pit bull, dubbed Trish, was being held at a California animal control agency before being rescued days ago by the Desert Dog Project.

The rescue group stepped forward to help her after learning that she was completely shut down…not reacting to anything, or anyone. While it was evident that Trish had suffered abuse, the extent of that abuse was not made clear until she was out of the animal control facility and examined by a veterinarian.

On Friday, Pat Bonham, with the rescue organization, outlined the heinous abuse Trish suffered when she was beaten and burned with acid:

Her right eye is now GONE and her left eye was partially burned by the acid which left her with only partial shadowy vision in that eye. We noticed the insides of her ears and tips of the inside were badly bleeding and now wondering if the same caustic substance was poured in her ears as well. I am not totally sure but I took her into a patient room to get these pics and she appeared to be Deaf! I called her, whistled, clapped and made noises but she didn’t respond…not even a flinch.

But Bonham noted that Trish still longs for kindness – she wrote:

When she made eye contact she could come to me when I motioned her and she was very sweet. She laid her head on my lap and I gently caressed her. I even got a soft little kiss.

abused tortured dog burned with acid

Trish has a long road to recovery ahead of her – both physically and emotionally. She was born to be a friend to humans and she was betrayed in the worst possible way. Finally, this gentle dog is safe and she will receive the care that she so desperately needs and deserves.

Donations to help the non-profit rescue group with Trish’s veterinary expenses can be made via Paypal at

(Via Pat Bonham Facebook)

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18 replies
  1. Ezgi Melody says:

    I am FERVENTLY HOPING that the “sadistic piece of crap, the lowlife, the vermin, the degenerate, the scum of the earth” (this is my polite vocabulary) that did this to Trish suffers the most debilitating, painful disease known to mankind. May this person be struck down “sooner rather than later”……

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Whoever did this to Trish should be put through the wood chipper – and I agree, Ezgi, that this bastard suffers the worst possible death imaginable – may they end up in a filthy gutter in agonizing pain and NO ONE CARES.

  2. Helen says:

    So sad. I pray for Tish’s fully recovery and adopted out to a forever loving home.
    May the turd who abused and tortured this sweet girl die of a slow agonizing death. This POS deserves street justice. Take a bat and break every bone in this monster’s body and then dump the trash head first in a drum filled with acid. Tish will not get real justice if we leave it to our judicial system.

  3. Joanne says:

    Precious Tish, I’m praying for your quick recovery and that you will be placed in a loving and caring forever home where you will be loved, respected, protected, and live a healthy and happy life with a wonderful family. Sweet Tish, God bless you and may the Angels watch over you and always keep you safe and loved. You are dearly loved, Precious Beautiful Tish. ????????????????????????????

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The monsters who did this could not endure enough torture for what they did to this poor dog! They are cursed through eternity!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE SOME KIND HEARTED person step up and give Trish the safe loving home she certainly never had – if any dog deserves one, she definitely does – GIANT THANK YOU TO DESERT DOG RESCUE for saving her – she would have died if not for you.

  6. PAMELA D says:


  7. PAT says:

    Precious Pup, I am so very sorry you were horrifically abused by those despicable evil monsters. My heart bleeds for the agonizing pain excruciating abuse, and unspeakable torture you suffered from those heartless, dangerous monsters for so long. Precious Pup, I hope and pray you are feeling much better physically and emotionally. May Jesus shine His light brightly upon you and bless you with a loving and caring forever home where you will be pampered, protected, and live a happy and healthy life with a loving wonderful family. God bless you, sweetheart. ♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️

  8. Wanda says:

    We just lost a beautiful American bulldog that we rescued 6 years ago. Even though he had scars from his head to the bottom of his feet and his teeth had been filed down to nubs you could not have ask for a sweeter more loving boy. I only wish he had lived longer
    Hope you have a long and happy life from now on Trish OXOX


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