Hurt, scared and out of time

Death row: Scared and hurt at facility that doesn’t keep ‘injured’ dogs

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Scared, hurt and being held at an animal control agency that doesn’t hold injured dogs. It’s a sad situation for Rory, a mixed breed dog who is behind bars at a rural animal control agency in Nueces County, Texas.

On Tuesday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Nueces County, TX: Dogs in need of Rescue, issued a post on Rory’s behalf – it highlights the urgency of her situation:

Rory is a sweet girl who has bad skin and an old leg injury that needs to be addressed! She is laying miserable, hurt and scared at a FULL kill shelter! This is beyond URGENT folks!


“Must leave shelter TOMORROW or she will be EUTHANIZED! Rory still has love to give! This doesn’t have to be the end but it is if no one CALLS!!!

Rory needs a miracle – she didn’t ask to be hurt, she didn’t ask for a skin condition, and she certainly doesn’t want to die.

Information to help save Rory’s life:

Kennel 5

Nueces County AC


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13 replies
  1. Angela Corso says:

    Another dog who will be destroyed because of human meanness and failure to take care of an innocent dog. If I lived in Texas I would take this baby in a minute and get the care needed for her. There has to be somebody that can help.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Governor Greg Abbott seriously needs to be Neutered!!! OH I forgot he doesn’t HAVE ANY!!! I called and left three very polite ( YES POLITE) messages requesting he set aside a time when I could speak to him directly about improving animal care 1-512-463-1782 No response!! probably just erases any and all messages ( or has a flunkey on his staff do it while he sits with a mint julep ) in his air conditioned office watching the ball games… The HIGH KILL SHELTER IN THIS POST is Positively ONE OF THE VERY WORST IN THIS STATE!!!! This is a sad and needless ending for this poor girl to endure!!! She and thousands of others DIE daily in The NO STAR STATE of TEXAS due to the DON”T Give A shit ATTITUDE of the STATE OFFICIALS!!! ANIMALS are NOTG EVEN RATED AS A WORTHWHILE COMPANION!!

    • Patti Gore says:

      This is just unbelievable and uncalled for WTF they care more about robbers and Killers than a poor innocent sweet dog got some God damn human has messed up now she’s in a no-kill shelter ready to be euthanized if I live there I’m in Detroit if I lived there I would come and get her I can’t believe these goddamn people here I am so pissed I don’t know what to say I’m in tears this dog doesn’t deserve to be treated like this she did nothing wrong it’s a human that did her wrong not an animal a damn stupid ignorant human made human rot in freaking hell!!!!!

  3. Star Shelley says:

    U am from Texas and I am ashamed that this community does not do anything for their animals. Thank God forf some of their volunteers that they do all the net working to help these poor defenseless animals,get rescue or find a home. Shame on that Gov. Greg Abbott for sitting on his fat ass and f2f o nothing. I will network thru tweeter and put his name out there. Sending my love and prayers for his life and freedom..

  4. Elaine Briden says:

    Awh poor sweetie…please someone help this poor sweet girl. She just wants to be cuddled and loved ????????. Pennysdachshunds please don’t give up on that piece of shit you are trying to Get a meeting with. I can imagine its frustrating, but if you can finally meet with that moron and get something to change, then those poor dogs would love you for it, and so would us animals lovers who are not in any position to do what you can to make changes

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Once again, the State of Texas comes through for their total lack of humanity for animals. Every other cruelty story seems to come out of this state – apparently Gov Abbott turns a blind eye to animal welfare – PLEASE RESCUE RORY – she needs medical attention ASAP and some kind people to help her out – she is an innocent victim, not a criminal and apparently the criminals in Texas are treated better than the innocent voiceless canine victims.

  6. John says:

    This is a Reason that I Hate Kill Shelters. Will someone step in and Rescrew this Pup before it’s to late.


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