Sicko teenage girl giggles as she hurls kitten off balcony to its death

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A disturbing animal cruelty incident has been recorded on video and released to the public on Wednesday, showing a teenage girl laughing as she holds a tiny ginger kitten over a balcony and then tosses the defenseless animal to its death. The heartbreaking incident occurred in Panama City, capital of Panama.

According to the Mirror, the kitten was thrown over the tower balcony outside of the San Miguelito Metro Station. The teens involved have reportedly been expelled from the college they attended;  the Gaston Faraudo P Technical School of Accountancy and Commerce. Most disturbing was hearing the girl who threw the kitten to its death speaking sarcastically:

“Ay, poor little animal.”

People walking below the area where the girl tossed the kitten could be seen walking past the lifeless body of the kitten – unaware what had just happened. Although the video only shows one girl, the school, based on information about the distressing incident, expelled three girls and suspended another person. According to a witness, the girl who threw the kitten over the tower stated she wanted to know the feeling of killing a cat.

An investigation continues; the girls have not yet been named.

Rest in peace poor little innocent kitten.

(Photos and video via Mirror and Cen screenshots and YouTube)



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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I’d like five minutes with this punk bitch – I would like to know the feeling of pitching her useless ass off a 5th floor building. Bet I’d like it.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    She “wanted to know the feeling of killing a cat” about says it all for this “teen”! She will kill again!

    • J. Martin says:

      That’s why … people like this, You terminate their existence .. solves the problem of them doing it in the future. It’s what she deserves!!!

    • ellen cottone says:

      she will not be able to out run it. She will not be able to out live it. Nobody she knows will ever forget it. The people in her world will never let her forget it.
      And she even now, will never Get it.Because she truly is that rare thing. A female serial Killer.
      she messed up the lives of 3 other students who already failed the game of life right out the gate.
      She, thru international social media will be defined buy it. she will never recieve higher education.she will never marry and she will never have children outside an institution. She like the cat, is dead to the world.The school will make sure of it. She will not be able to keep herself from being institutionalized. social media will make sure of that.

  3. Angela Corso says:

    This girl needs to be severely punished by a judge. She also needs immediate psychoanalysis for her actions. If she can joyfully do this to a kitten, imagine what she could do to another human being. TIME TO GET TOUGH IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM@@@@

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    WHAT THE HELL!!! This PSYCHOPATH BITCH wants to know what IT FEELS like to KILL a KITTEN!!! WELL someone should HURL HER HEARTLESS and SOULESS BODY hurling down the same Parking Garage JUST SO she can feel what it FELT LIKE TO THE KITTEN!!! I see no problem to the solution!!! She doesn’t belong in a Society of Human Beings!!! TO breed Creation’s !!!

  5. Jennie Brennan says:

    If she wanted to see what it felt like to kill something, she should have thrown one of those other bitches off the balcony and then they could all laugh about it. They need to start giving names and faces of these POS. Hope someone returns the favor and gives them a taste of their own medicine.

  6. maxiemom says:

    I couldn’t watch the video. HOWEVER, if that bitch were getting her just punishment and someone were throwing her off a tall building, I would have no problem watching, nor attending.

  7. Janie Ledergerber says:

    I hope someone throws her off the same parking garage so that she can know first hand what the kitten felt as he fell to his untimely death at her wretched hands. This teenager could be the poster child for why to have an abortion.

  8. audrey says:

    Rotten little BITCHES! Says a lot about her if she wanted to know what it felt like killing a kitten. Her parents must be proud!!

  9. Marsha Flynn Squibb says:

    Just the beginning of a cruel life by this bitch!!!! Throw HER off a balcony…I don’t want her breathing my air!!!!

  10. resqdogz says:

    They should have simply hurled them ALL off that same balcony: I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to exact reciprocity on an animal abuser!

  11. J. Martin says:

    I really fucking LOATHE the vicious “EVIL” pukes that exist in the world today. Ones .. like this heartless BITCH!!! She wanted to know the feeling of killing a defenseless, innocent kitten? I’d LOVE to know the feeling of beating this cunt senseless .. then toss her worthless ass off a balcony and watch the bag of shit .. plummet to her death while I laugh my ass off. For the record .. I “DON’T GIVE A FLAMING FLYING FUCK” that she’s young. This evil heartless cunt .. wouldn’t have the chance to ever do it again. I am NOT in the market to forgive her .. She’d get NO sympathy, NO pity .. and NO COMPASSION from me .. what she’d get is SWIFT JUSTICE done on her !!

  12. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Cette salope mérite une mort de souffrances. Viens sous merde, je vais t’apprendre la vie salle consanguine.

  13. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I fault the parents of this kid, they made her the way she is and nobody says anything! Surely somebody hears comments she makes and nobody does anything! She will keep on doing this unless SOMEBODY stops her and her friends!

  14. Cynthia Como says:

    Nothing but a psycho lunatic who will continue this behavior and of that Im %100 sure!! Don’t know if Panama has any animal cruelty laws or if they ever enforce them if they do have them,but OMG can u imagine how absolutely sickening it’s gonna be if she ever has children? So vicious at that young age that it won’t be long till she does something that lands her in a prison cell for a very long time which is exactly where she belongs…..for the rest of her insignificant immoral unimportant life! TRUE JUSTICE WOULD BE TO THROW HER VICIOUS ASS OVER A VERY HIGH BALCONY!! To have ZERO empathy at that young of an age is a disaster waiting to happen!! Very very curious if there will be anything done with her. RIP LITTLE BABY KITTY

  15. Donna Engler says:

    Name these useless craps of society. People want to know who these waste of air are. If they don’t receive at least 10 years of prison from the justice system then hopefully a real street justice form can take on where the “system” failed yet again.

  16. ellen cottone says:

    what is really great about social media is exposing serial killers at 15 years of age instead of 57 years of age.

  17. ellen cottone says:

    oh, it doesnt stop here. Wait till they find out what else she killed.
    not her first. she will fail all psyciatric evaluations as she acidentally spills on her kills.Panima city will make sure she pays for it all and they will keep their citizens safe.

  18. Niko Okamoto says:

    We need names!! If they were of college age, then they’re probably not minors. Are the police doing anything about it, or are animal protection laws non-existent in Panama?

  19. Shelly ruscito says:

    Stupid bitch. I’d like to hurl her off a high rise to get rid of someone like her. She doesn’t belong get in society.

  20. Red says:

    I hope the parents of this monster lock her away… if she finds this funny, just think what she would think of murder!! THIS IS A MONSTER…. and who ever had this vile child put her away.

  21. Whitney says:

    I hope the stupid bitch… gets curious and wonders what its like to jump off the tower!! Her friends can do the experiment with her!!


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