Crackdown on sales from puppy mills in California pet stores if governor signs

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It could be a “win, win” for dogs, cats and rabbits in California Governor Jerry Brown signs a measure sent to his office on Thursday requiring pet stores to sell animals from shelters or rescue organizations.  California would become the first state to finally ban the sale of animals from “puppy mills” or large breeding operations.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the bill  by Democratic Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell would require pet stores to work with shelters if they want to sell pets. Thirty-six cities in California have already enacted similar bans, however a statewide ban does not exist. Spokesperson Brian Ferguson, for the governor, has declined to comment on whether the bill will be signed.

“Californians spend more than $250 million a year to house and euthanize animals in our shelters,” O’Donnell said. “Protecting the pets that make our house a home is an effort that makes us all proud.”

Although breeders would still be allowed to sell dogs, cats and rabbits directly to individuals wanting to purchase pets, the legislation is hoped to encourage families to adopt pets from shelters, work directly with breeders and to help ensure the pets are healthy and humanely bred – as opposed to the reckless breeding operations of mass puppy mills where dogs are treated as commodities and too often kept in atrocious conditions.

Specifically the bill would require pet stores to keep records showing where each pet originated and to display that information publicly. A violation of the law would carry a $500 civil fine.

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  1. This law should be mandatory for every state – puppy mills should be put out of business and banned nationally – they are hugely responsible for the overcrowding and the euthanization of animals in shelters. Those that run these hell holes care nothing about the animals, its all about money. I hope Gov. Jerry Brown signs this into law and ALL states follow.

  2. well j.b. You can start with dog’s from Barbuda and Texas and Florida. You can start by relieving the burden of animal flood victim survivors. they need to be collected chipped and transported asap to your sanctuary state. your dog and cat inventory need help quickly. animals are coming out of the flood looking for help.
    the former strays and the former out side animals.we have a few days left before its to late to rescue the healthy survivors
    before rescue turns to the grim task of recovery

    • ellen after reading this article I wrote to my 2 senators in MA and reps in my area about this issue.You do realize this is a big step for CA and for all other states to follow. Can he really push for the other states when he did a good thing in CA? Please remember one step at a time. You know as I do it takes time. You did give him credit. Allow the patience and hopefully other states will follow. I need to google and find out where the pet shops where I live get there pups in MA. A private pet store not from where I live are always on their marque selling puppies. Perhaps I should be undercover and and record the status of the pups being sold and their health. They are always selling pups. Nothing to do with pups. I went and bought guinea pigs and they were all white for 9.99. I bought them as pets upon telling my friend she told me they sold them for snake food. Holy shit I was upset. I went back bought the last of 8 they had. They know longer sell the white ones. They sell certain breeds for $50.00 and up.

      • Are you that girl that goes to a seafood restaurant on your birthday,
        picks a lobster has dinner with it then takes him to the end of the pier and let him go.?
        I knew it. you are a foot soldier.
        I know things dont change in a day but then why do so many things change over night?
        you know im kidding, but really, why!?
        I think things will be different then Katrina because of people are a little more connected and organised thru the internet.
        the internet the reason for and solution to all our problems.
        it was a stunning feat to watch the entire state of Florida slowly migrate out of the thrashing of a life time.
        this leaves resources ,money, supplies, food, gas for transport and boots on ground rescue to maybe get animals displace by the floods and hype for adoption at the latest trend of Jerry Browns shelter/pet store combo.
        I think jerry brown and the animal sympathizer Florida gov should work together to move animal survivors to these new facility and other states should help and all the animals will be trained for the new trend of adoptable companion status animals with social security # and covered by owners medicare.

        oh yes, we are on the dawn of this Linda , this is happening ,our country leaders , the smart ones know how we feel and they know we are powerful. because we just will not shut up about it as our blood boils.
        I believe the gov of Florida can move mountains and jerry brown Has moved mountains.
        I think these big hearted leaders will change the world . Others will follow, shame is powerful.

        but first,
        go spy with your little eye and see if the pups are spayed in your local pet store.
        that could be a reason for a step in . i dont think people should have breeding females that can reproduce thats the root of almost all the problems.

        im happy you foiled this stores live food operation that was crafty as hell.
        you took out their operation by taking out the breeders parents.
        now no affordable food options for snakes. $50 is not food its pet. Keep up the good work friend. In the new world we will not turn a blind eye, mind our own business or let anybody censure us. You and i have had it up to here with it. its about time

      • ellen, In 2011 my mom was not thrilled with me when I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. She was taking care of my 3 cats, 2 dogs, 8 guinea pigs and 6 rats. I’m laughing as I comment this. She actually told me she was going to rid my guinea pigs and rats and I told her ” you do that I will disown you”. I know she would never do that, however, being alone and taking care of all of all those creatures were important to me. Btw I inherited the rats…..who knew they were smart as hell. They knew their names and were so loving. My last one the smartest with tumors(they lived for 2 yrs)grabbed the cage as if she knew her outcome and I took her out and held her and she died in my arms. Anyone reading this. Rats are so loving and so
        smart. I never thought to have owned rats until my roommate left them me.

      • Rats my friend have been the reason for the survival of humans.
        they are our closest relatives. thats why we do medical testing on them we are genetically connected. it also explains why little kids when they dress as mouses really do look like mouses. our teeth are more like a rats we both have big front teeth unlike other meat eaters.
        They are our country cousins.
        . the plague was actually an evolution of resistance to catastrophic disease. we are the living resistant descendants of those who survived the plague. it is why humans are naturally healthy.

        the next time your hanging out with a rat thats not afraid of you,
        put your book down and look over at him and say.
        thank you rat.

  3. Me Brown I truly hope and pray that all states follow your law. Puppy Mills are the must abusive people on earth to animals. Please encourage this law throughout the United States. Innocent anmails should not have to be euthanized because of selfish people????????


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