Animal shelter donation from President Trump

Texas animal shelter receives personal donation from President Trump

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An animal shelter in Houston, Texas, has announced the receipt of a personal donation from President Trump, and his wife, Melania. On Thursday, the Houston Humane Society made an official announcement about the donation:

The donation check arrived yesterday, and it included a wonderful note as well.

The shelter expressed gratitude for the money received:

We are incredibly honored to be one of only 2 animal welfare groups, and the only non-national, to be chosen to receive a personal donation of $25,000 by President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to help the Houston Humane Society continue our efforts in rescuing, treating, caring, and housing animals in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Sherry Ferguson, Executive Director for the Houston Humane Society, stated:

“Animals are truly non-partisan members of society, can use help from both sides of the aisle. Our shelter is so grateful for the first family’s decision to make animals a top priority as Houstonians work to rebuild our city from the devastation left behind by Harvey.”

The animal shelter has stated that the funds from the President and First Lady will be used to help pets and their human parents in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As to the method (via Facebook) which the animal shelter selected to share the news, the Houston Humane Society stated:

We were contacted by multiple news outlets and many concerned supporters asking us to verify if the donation was real. This seemed the easiest method to update everyone at once.

(Image via Houston Humane Society)

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40 replies
      • slv says:

        Agreed!! Some people just refuse to give Trump a break. They are filled with blind hate for the man. I’ve learned that most of the crap out there about him are lies. But maybe if people would stop and do a little research instead assuming….

      • audrey says:

        sly, I’ve done research. Trump has only donated between 2008-2016 less than $10,000 to the Police Athletic League of NYC. His claims of the many charities he donated to are bogus at best

      • Sue says:

        Why are his donations to the police athletic league of any import here? It’s not a matter of life and death, or even food and comfort.

    • Penny Eims says:

      Essentially, yes you did imply that Mark. The shelter stated that they received the donation (publicly) so if you are questioning that the donation was received, your are questioning the shelter’s honesty.

      • Penny Eims says:

        I guess I can’t follow your line of reasoning then…it was a release from the shelter about the donation, not something that Trump posted. If you question the authenticity, who or what are you questioning.

      • ellen cottone says:

        oh and especially our hosts here tonight ,
        Mark and Audrey
        who speak the truth and tell it like it is.
        politely. thank you for standing up.
        he’s done nothing in aiding suffering.
        why shouldn’t we think this isn’t
        fake news?

      • audrey says:

        ellen, if you noticed he never mentioned animals in his letter. What I saw in the comments in facebook they could not show a copy of his personal check because of the bank’s routing number and account number. I think Penny mistook Mark’s remark he was not against the HHS,but, about Trump.I thought authors were supposed to be impartial. She’s obviously a Trumpster.

      • ellen cottone says:

        roaring with laughter.
        It would seem so audrey.
        we may need a portion of our wiles and good naturedness.
        its shocking,
        but some staunch animal lovers also are trump supporters
        we have to love them and hope trumpitis eventually washes off.

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Someone must have told him it would gain him “popularity” to give to the animals, sorry I still don’t like him but I do appreciate him giving money to the humane society! Thank you President and First Lady Trump.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    I am pleasantly surprised, grateful and thank the Trumps for their generous donation. It is most definitely needed – maybe some other wealthy politicians will step up and donate to the shelters in both Houston and Florida – the animals are the most innocent of victims from the storms.

      • Sue says:

        NONE OF US completely balances out, so those among you who are without sin, throw the first stone.

        I am also not responsible for anyone’s actions except my own.

      • ellen cottone says:

        you have to be kidding me,
        ivanka had to be told not to use dog and other animal fur trim on her commercial crap cloths line.
        she couldn’t give a trap about animals.
        its her brother who shoots elephants and lions and has a famous pic of himself bare chested with a dead leopard across his shoulders in africa.
        Are you guys kidding me?
        there is sin and then theirs blatant depraved indifference sin
        Big difference.
        give me that stone.
        watch who I throw it at.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    will you be opening your home to the pitter patter of doggie footies in that big ol dog friendly white house your presiding in??
    a water soaked water dog perhaps!?
    it will help with life at the strife house.
    maybe you need to see the world thru eyes you can trust.
    let’s see that heart of gold.

  4. Dave McDonald says:

    ANYONE that donates money FOR ANY CAUSE is doing a good thing UNTIL THEY BRAG ABOUT IT ,,,,, Then they just BECOME ASSHOLE PHUCKTARDS ,,, There ya go donald proving beyond any doubt that you are the class asshole supreme …

    • D Klemer says:

      President Trump didn’t mention it it was the shelter that put it on facebook. Thank You Mr President & FLOTUS. This American appreciates all you both do for this country. Just ignore the media they are very very jealous of you & your family so are alot of dems & republicans.

      • Allen says:

        Actually the White House came out with the list of his donations. Lol, I doubt very much the media and “alot of dems & repulicnans” are jealous of him.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Trump did it for the money.
      just like the man implied,
      Trump betrayed millions of this country’s resident animals
      with the whisk of a pen to make way for factory farming,mining and drilling here in paradise.
      real truth,
      so big whoop on ya pithy donation.
      your first ligament and documented donation.
      Trump did it knowing it would be blasted
      all over animal sympathizer media.

      trump doing his,
      little shake a tail feather dance and slight of hand jive once again. the master of the snow job.
      as usual
      dont be a chump.

      • ellen cottone says:

        trump is many things and not one of them would be a phony.

        but Joel Osteen ,
        that weasel. his televised fall from grace was hilarious. pale and sputtering and having a catastrophic internal event,
        a reveal really of his very non christianess. that was awesome.
        all the people he was bilking money from came to the church house in their time of need during the end of the world and he tried to say.
        no room at the inn.
        now he’s ruined and his toilets at the colosseum are still hopelessly clogged.
        God must be. laughing his ass off

  5. Red says:

    This was very generous of our POTUS and FLOTUS….. however, people are so PO’d that he is president…..he gets absolutely NO CREDIT for anything!
    So, thank you Mr & Mrs Trump for helping out the animals!

    • ellen cottone says:

      oh i get it
      red, as in red state. your names not red.
      your better red than dead.
      I guess,
      as the old saying goes.

      Hey Red!
      with the wisk of his pen just signed away protected rights for wild horses and burros in the heart of the american west.
      they are rounding them up by the thousand and being trailored without food, water and air to be brutally slaughtered by “drop floor slaughter” in Mexico and Canada. because its cheaper. trump likes to hire out of the country contractors more then you think, red
      trump is exporting american free citizens and wild animals for dog food and also to be introduced as grocery store meat to the american market. nice work bone head.

      I guess you never “read” the suggested fine print when voting for trump (hitler) this time around.
      trump uses a “red” pen because he has endangered animal blood on his hands.
      he can also use a red pen because you red, voted him into office with your red pen, red.

      so is it better red than dead?
      or is it better dead than red?

      take time to think on it .
      because you really weren’t thinking last November.

      You Red state, Red Assed Fool.


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