Brave dog comes to aid of woman being robbed in street by hooded thug

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A woman’s best friend came to her aid in Podgorica, Montenegro on Friday when a hooded thug grabbed the woman while she had been walking down the street from behind with the intention of mugging and stealing from her. In a viral video circulating through social media, a brave, black dog watching the man wrestling the woman to the ground, attacked and can be seen biting the man’s legs and his behind.

The video begins with a woman walking down the street. A thug wearing a yellow hoodie catches sight of the woman and begins to follow her. He grabs her from behind knocking her off balance, and then tries to grab her purse. Suddenly the dog sprang into action and attacked the would be robber and chased the low-life away. And as if the dog wasn’t done with the creep, he chased the man and bit him on the ankle one last time.

The video continues to garner thousands of views, and tons of praises for the pooch who is believed to have been a stray. Surely someone will want to adopt him now?

The video was posted on the Facebook group called Podgoricki Vremeplov, a group living in Podgorica and has since gone viral.

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(Photo of brave dog attacks hooded thug freezeshot via Facebook video)

Check out the video. Don’t you think this pup deserves a reward? Hopefully he will be adopted.

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  1. Great dog! Now he needs a warm, loving home to go with his bravery. Animals are amazing and will be there to protect you when needed.


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