Boys seen pushing dog over 20-foot cliff and pelting her with rocks

On Saturday night, video footage shared by the rescue group, Animal Welfare Network, showed two boys pushing a white dog over the edge of a 20-foot cliff into a storm drain and then pelting her with rocks. The incident occurred in Carenage, Trinidad, and the dog was being tortured because she had been suffering from an infection filled with maggots.

According to the rescue group’s Facebook page, residents and volunteers worked to rescue the white dog dubbed Lilly. In what was referred to as a race against time, one of the rescuers used a harness to rescue the dog before the pouring rain water filled the drain causing the dog to drown. A photo of Lilly lying on the bottom of the storm drain brought tears to everyone’s eyes:

“That small white dot in the picture is a dog who it seems was thrown over the edge of a 20ft river/drain because the poor animal had maggots. An AWN member got a call and with the help of some VERY caring special residents who along with the AWN member climbed down with a harness and rescued the dog.”

The dangerous rescue attempt continued; no one had any intentions of leaving Lilly in the bottom of the river to suffer and die,

“The lead was stuck under a rock, so it was just a matter of time before the dog drowned with the rising water due to the rain.”

Lilly was rushed to local veterinarian Dr. Clermond where she is currently being treated. The dog suffered multiple fractures, and her tail had nearly been completely severed. The group expressed their gratitude:

“Many thanks to Dr. Clermond for coming out at 1 am to deal with our emergency callout. Lilly is resting comfortably for now. She has multiple fractures, trauma and a severed tail all caused by the fall when she was thrown over the river’s edge. She will be given an X-ray to determine further the extent of her injuries, but for now her tail and leg have been stabilized, and she has been given pain killers to help her rest. She has also been placed on a heating pad as she spent hours in cold running river water.”

The rescue organization posted the disturbing video and is asking the public to become involved.

 “It is time for the people of T&T to demand that animal cruelty laws are updated – write to your MP, write to the papers – let your voice be heard. Can you imagine what these boys will grow up to be as adults? It has been proven that animal cruelty often leads to violent acts against women/ children later on…help us help those who can’t speak for themselves.”

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Photos and video of boys pushing dog over 20-foot cliff via Animal Welfare Network

Video is disturbing and graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences




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  1. maxiemom says:

    Those filthy maggot monsters need to be tied up, then thrown down the same cliff and left there with no way out. No loss to anyone, and society would be saved from more monsters among us.

  2. Adrienne says:

    What an adorable face on this dog.The maggots that were on the dog are really these boys who threw her over the cliff. They must be caught and somehow punished when they will learn from this or else they are doomed to continue this type of abuse of animals.

  3. michelle taylor says:

    I dare these vile brats to make direct contact with me.These vile bastards must be put to death.They can be turned into fertiliser. Come on arseholes make face to face contact with me.I DARE YOU!!!!

  4. J. Martin says:

    I couldn’t care what reason these little fucks had (because there is NO REASON). I don’t care where these little fucks live Tie the little fuckers up and toss them off the same spot. My reason … JUST BECAUSE!!!!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Since these punks had the balls to video this cruelty – then they are known and the perfect solution would be to tie them all together and dump their useless asses over the same cliff while throwing rocks at them – let the punishment fit the crime. This poor dog is a victim of human cruelty which seems to be neverending.

  6. Red says:

    Find these monsters and make them pay……COME ON KARMA………..GET THEIR STUPID, heartless, worthless excuse for humans and show them what happens when you hurt an animal!!!

  7. susispot says:

    I hope Lilly has some fight in her. She needs to win this battle for good health so she can find a forever, loving family. God bless you little girl.


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