Dog betrayed and in danger

Betrayed: Dog abandoned, left behind and now out of time

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Update 5/8/17: L’il Mackie has been rescued by Samoyed Rescue of Southern California!

A handsome dog, who has a unique (lion-like!) appearance, has been dealt a bad hand in life. The six-year-old golden retriever mix, dubbed “L’il Mackie,” is believed to have been abandoned by his former family who left him alone in the yard when they moved away.

Lil Mackin was taken to the Long Beach Animal Services facility in California on January 8 and in the time that has passed, Mackin has struggled with kennel conditions and he is now in danger of losing his life. Lil Mackie’s advocate explains:

This big fluffy guy was a champ when we took him to the play yard but he is not showing well in his kennel and has gotten bad notes from the shelter staff for being possibly barrier reactive. He’s an inquisitive and social guy who loves to be pet and doted on.

The length of time that Lil Mackin has been locked away, coupled with his poor showing at the facility, puts his life in jeopardy. Please help this abandoned dog find a new family by taking a moment to network his adoption information.

If you’d like more information about a FOSTER TO ADOPT PROGRAM please email:
Petharbor link for Lil Mackie here.

Long Beach Animal Care Services
7700 E Spring St Long Beach, CA 90815
Wed-Fri: 10am-5:30pm
Sat, Sun: 10am-4pm
Main Line: (562)570-7387
Direct: (562)570-3080

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Poor dog! He is beautiful and I can’t believe is wasn’t picked by anyone yet. All the wonderful dogs out in the world needing homes has broken my heart into a million pieces! I just found out a town in my state of Ohio has given some asshole a permit to open a puppy mill and I’m so upset and broken-hearted because beside how horrible these place treat their money making dogs it is adding to the over whelming over population of dogs! It’s so illogical,assinine and frustrating! We successfully banned the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores after much much work only to have the Petland corporation sweep in and wipe it off the books! That’s why I think it’s the special interest groups that run the show in this country when it comes to enacting laws,behind the scenes there HAS to be incentives going on to pass laws that these corporations want and to hell with “we the people” who vote these law makers into office to be our voice and give us tax paying residents want we want in the way of laws for our communities! It seems to me that u have to buy laws in this country! So if u have lots of millions u can get the laws u want enacted! I will be praying for Lil Mackie and sharing his info. So,so sad!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Lil Mackie has suffered enough – first being abandoned, now being poorly judged by shelter staff (who I have no faith in whatsoever) and basically destined to be killed because he has not adapted well to a new environment. Well, how well would anyone adjust to being put in a jail cell for the first time – that is exactly where Lil Mackie is, and he doesn’t like it – this dog needs to be rescued ASAP. He is gorgeous and deserves the safe loving HOME he never had.


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