Dejected senior dog

Surrendered senior dog had her heart broken when owners left her

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Update 12/5/16: Julie is safe with Frosted Faces Foundation!

On Sunday, December 4, a senior dog named “Julie,” had her heart broken when her owner surrendered her to a busy California animal control agency. The 12-year-old Maltese was left at the Carson Animal Services facility in a cute polka-dog dress – shortly after being left behind, she was still wearing her dress, while lying dejectedly in her lonely kennel run.

According to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page, Julie’s family gave her up because they were too busy traveling. Julie’s family is now free to travel, but she is left behind, confused and sad by the sudden loss of her home.

Please help this deserving senior dog find a new family – someone who would never consider turning her over to a busy animal control agency where her future is uncertain.

Petharbor link here. Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A5016612

Facebook thread here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This sort of thing just breaks my heart! I look at my 4 dogs and wonder how anyone can do this to their dog that they have most likely had for the better part of her 12 years. I hope her little face haunts them in all their “travels” and they don’t enjoy one moment of them! I pray someone helps this precious little one, she doesn’t deserve this!

  2. maxiemom says:

    They left her because they’re now free to travel? What DISGUSTING vermin!!! Their travelling might cost their dog her LIFE!!! I hope one of their travels ends up sending them straight to perdition SOON!

  3. Edward says:

    How did the dirtbags like you have a right to have an animal Julie on the video was even moving I thought she was dead that’s just solid depression you motherfukers I hope El Karma comes after you she is a real I wonder if you have a grandmother or grandfather and you put them out in the street because you’re too f****** old****

  4. Janet says:

    I am truly heartbroken for this beautiful little girl. I am sickened by these selfish, heartless people who would dump this baby because they wold rather travel then have the heart to love and care for a loving dog that has been a part of the family for 12 years. Shame on them and I hope you get stranded in a truly horrible place!!

  5. Deborah J. says:

    For the love of GOD, there must be some kind soul out there that can provide a loving, stable, home for this poor dog that was dumped. No dog should be dumped for the stupid reason of traveling was the only issue. This Senior Dog deserves to have a loving, kind, home and never have to loose their home again due to some dumb, little reason like travel allow them to ve heart broken ever again.

      • Deborah J. says:

        I hope to GOD that is not the reason why Julie was left behind to die alone. No animal no matter how sick or old deserved to be thrown in an animal shelter. If you look at the poor dog’s face she really is truly heartbroken and really depressed beyond worlds. I still cry over the dog. I have rescued many Cats and Dogs over the years and they are so grateful when you care.

      • Sally Ina Preminger says:

        If she is ill that makes it all the worst reason to leave her behind………………when a loyal loving dog gets ill that’s when they need their humans the most……………This is so upsetting, Karma will get her former owners!!!!

      • Suzanne Kunkle says:

        I live in Indiana and I would take her but I do not have a way to get her. We have a 10 year old female beagle and a little 13 year mixed poodle/schnauzer type female. We are home all of the time and live on a farm and she would be loved and sure would not be left like that…..that is more than heartbreaking….:'(

    • Pat says:

      My cat Dobie died. Her sister Tiki went into a severe depression. She stopped eating and drinking and wouldn’t leave my room. It’s very possible that Julie is experiencing the same thing. Her spirits have been crushed by this calloused “family”.

  6. Kathy green says:

    I agree, she needs a vet. Perhaps the owners know something that they’re not telling. I swear I saw a tear in her eye. So very sad!!!

  7. Carol Matz says:

    Please let me know if out of state adoptions are possible? We are in New Mexico and have two senior maltese puppy mill rescues (8 y/o & 11 y/o both female) plus 2 senior cats (10 y/o F & 15 y/o M ) that have always been around cats. We can provide references. .

  8. Brenda Minarik says:

    They go into a state of depression we had to take ours to the vet she wouldn’t eat no time to waste calling all rescue groups an intervention is needed. NOW

  9. Marianne Wassef says:

    Please I would like to adopt her, I already have two dogs and will be happy to give her a home. I live in the UAE, tell me how to get her.

    • lina sorrentino says:

      Please adopt her. I would. I’m in San Francisco. I don’t know where Carson is. Someone don’t let her die of loudness. She’s dying of a broken heart. Look at her. I can’t stop crying.

    • Sheri says:

      Have you called or contacted the shelter? Maybe they would have a suggestion on how to get her to St Louis? I live in Belleville and thought the same thing.

  10. Robin Lineberger says:

    This is so sad that anyone would take their animal and throw it away like trash because they have other things more important things to do like travel. I have a cat that I have had since she was born and she is now 15 years old and we are now starting to see the signs of her aging. This cat is going to die in peace with her family by her side. I wounder when I wake up in the morning is this going to be the day that we lose her.. My cat is so strong that she will not let go. She is eating and drinking plenty of water but is losing weight no matter how much she eats. I just want her to die at home in a place where she knows she is loved.

  11. Hanne H. from Denmark says:

    how can people be so cruel 🙁 surrender their 12 year old dog because they are travelling too much. What did they do with her when they travelled these 12 years ????? I am heartbroken, and if I could I would gladly take her if I lived closer. I hope someone will open up their home for the rest of her life, and give her the TLC she need <3

  12. Sheri says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking!!! How could anyone do this, especially to a 12 year old dog. Supposedly part of the family?? My only hope is that she is adopted by someone who has more time for her in her final years. She’s probably been sent to boarding constantly and maybe someone can give her the quality of life she deserves. Shame on you ex family!!!!!!

  13. Maryann says:

    Why could she not travel with them? We are a family of 6 and we travel extensively since we home school our children. Our Maltese has her own car seat and wardrobe (she loves to dress and also loves sweaters) and she loves to travel with us! It’s really more fun when she IS with us than when we would occasionally get a pet sitter. I hope they never have another happy trip again……this breaks my heart and I would love to take Julie!

  14. Paul Robinson says:

    remember – this is just the one you know about. If you really want to help discarded senior pets, I’d bet there is one in your local shelter.

  15. brigitte st jean says:

    Karma to their fucking bastard owners. I hope you get into an accident. Please God send a special angel to save this precious puppy!

  16. Puffin Benoit says:

    Happy tears that she is rescued!!!! How is she? I cried for hours when I seen her picture. She had such a broken heart. Sorry, but I hate people that get rid of their furbabies because they no longer have time for them And to travel!!!! She could have went with them.. I’m sooooooooooooo happy you rescued her and now she can get the love she deserves so badly. Prayers baby girl.. <3 <3

  17. Debra says:

    what the heck is wrong with people ..those people thought this would be better for this furbaby to be left behind …look at the pain of her face the tears in that dogs eyes …what the hell is going on in this awful world….

  18. Jen says:

    This breaks my heart. I wish I lived closer. I would adopt her. So sad. Her former owners have very cold hearts, or no hearts at all. Please, God, find a wonderful loving new owner for this baby.

  19. Pamela Schoeck says:

    Pam Schoeck, I have 4 small rescue dogs now and would die before leaving them and I would love to adopt her if it’s possible to get her to Florida I would have a great home all one floor fenced in yard over looking a large pond and we made the park just for them please let me know I will pay for the trip.

  20. Lily esmundo says:

    I have 4 small dogs and 5 big dogs..before i have maids to take care all those dogs. Now our maid got married and gone .i dont travel anymore. Even out of town for aday i keep on coling or check them out if they have ate already or comfort on thier beddings. I treat them like family..

  21. Anie De Jonghe says:

    I Will love to give her a forever home with me, until the end of her life. This ma kes me cry poor baby All she want his love. I wish That i could bring her home but i am living in Montreal, Quebec and i am far from her. I Will Never do That to my chihuahua. He dépends on me and i can’t imagine my life without him so i can believe That did this to her!!

  22. Sandra Thomas says:

    I’ll take her we have a 12 year old Maltese she’s diabetic and blind and would love a companion, can she come to Ohio?

  23. Dave Haworth says:

    Has Julie been saved? I can not eat after seeing this. If I could take a dog I would drive down from Nor Cal and take her. Please tell me she is rescued and is being loved 🙁

    • Kathryn Aldridge says:

      UPDATE from Frosted Faces Foundation:
      “Julie goes potty as soon as her feet hit the grass, and if she’s left to independently wander for too long she lets out relentless yelps for attention! We set her up on a little blanket to nap in the sun while we did yard work, and she approved.

      Unfortunately, Julie’s senior panel and urinalysis show that she is in the end stages of renal failure. This would explain why she is not eating well, is lethargic, and seeming like she has dementia. She also has a urinary tract infection.

      We are starting her on fluids and antibiotics. We are hopeful that with treatment she will start eating and have some time with her new family. We advised them of her condition, they are comfortable giving subQ fluids and doing some fancy cooking. They are coming to pick her up tomorrow so they can spend as much time with her as possible.

      Thank you again to The Rescue Train for helping to fund Julie’s medical expenses.”

      Forever Foster Family: Peter & Diana Maldonando

    • Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

      UPDATE from Frosted Faces Foundation
      Frosted Faces Foundation added 8 new photos.
      4 hrs ·

      Julie made it home yesterday, went on a little trip to Petco for supplies and met Frosted Face Bella. We were so excited she finally was interested in food yesterday morning, but that was short lived, and the evening was a struggle.
      Julie was up pacing and barking all night, she went on potty runs quite a few times, vomited the chicken from yesterday morning and anything else she tried to consume including water. She was sleeping in bed with Diana and Peter, but then Diana and Julie moved to the couch downstairs closer to the door and where Julie could pace and bark more freely. When she finally calmed down she had the shakes, so Diana wrapped her in a blanket and they fell asleep.
      It is very likely Julie’s previous owners were seeing these things too and that is why they surrendered her. Unfortunately, it is not our first rodeo loving on a dog in kidney failure. Near the end they stop eating and get very nauseous due to toxins building up inside of them. They feel weak and it is also painful.
      We always try to treat dogs in kidney failure with injections and fluids, like we are for Julie, to see if we can flush out the toxins and buy time. We are realistic and know when enough is enough and we do not prolong suffering, especially for dogs in renal failure. Julie is going back to the vet for one more push to feel better, and we are hopeful.
      Forever Foster Family: Peter & Diana Maldonando
      Fans: Maryann Mendoza, Katrina Nelson, Melissa Zelaya
      Facts: Julie is 12 years old and was rescued from Carson Shelter.

  24. Samantha Bass says:

    These are all such sad cases. Why get an animal if you aren’t going to care for and love it. They are so precious. Like now, as im sitting here typing and crying my dog, Cootie just jumped in my lap to comfort me. I have a blood disorder which at times requires long hospital stays. In Oct, i had a heart attack and soent 3 months in the hospital. I cried everyday i was away from her. I also refuse to be admitted if my family wont watch her. Some say im being dumb by risking my health but shes depends on me. So now my family helps me by watching her if needed. Animal abuse in my mind is worse than any other kind. They cant speak out. They have no teacher, friend or co worker they can tell. My prayers are with all animals, those helping them and those that fight for them! God bless you all.


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