Man pleaded guilty to beating a disabled dog

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kellyville-man-2A woman’s former boyfriend pleaded guilty to animal cruelty on Friday in the Parramatta Local Court in Australia after he intentionally beat a disabled dog causing the animal serious internal injuries. According to the Daily Telegraph, Christopher De La Fuente, 25, subjected a female cavoodle named Paris to abusive training methods for over a month in order to assert himself as the “alpha male.”

On February 23, 2015, De La Fuente “disciplined” Paris for defecating and urinating in the apartment by kicking the dog on both sides so egregiously that veterinarians diagnosed 16 cracked ribs. Paris had a partially amputated leg which made it difficult for her to walk. When the dog’s owner returned home, she found Paris lying on the floor in distress and immediately brought her to the Epping Veterinary Clinic.

Upon examination, Paris was unable to stand, had a faint heartbeat and trouble breathing. Radiographs revealed the dog had multiple rib fractures, two splintered ribs and an older  fracture that had since healed.

Judge Tim Keady sentenced De La Fuente to 150 hours of community service and prohibited him from owning an animal for 10 years, telling him that “quite (a) serious injury” on an animal was “an indication of the character of the offender” which may be “indicative of deeper problems.” RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector David O’Shannessy said the offender was “totally” at fault for the intentional assault of the defenseless dog.

Paris has since recovered.

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(Photos of disabled dog via RSPCA NSW and Daily Telegraph)

20 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    150 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE?????? He needs to be put in jail for a few months!!!! I have been told that the UK actually has some animal cruelty laws with real teeth on the books, but you would never know it from the despicable sentences given to offenders over there.

  2. Sheri says:

    I hope this woman isn’t seeing this poor excuse for a man anymore. That POS needs the same thing done to him. A couple cracked ribs might help him understand…..

  3. Deborah J. says:

    i want that stupid bastard in jail for a very long time. I don’t want this fool walking around in society. He is a danger.

  4. Della Reece says:

    I feel the judge needs to step down, months & months of abuse & he gives this POS 150 community hrs. this guy is laughing his head off!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    What kind of punishment is 150 hours of community service for this? Hardly a slap on the wrist for hurting this poor dog. And why was the woman who owned the dog so blind to what was going on? It sounds like this POS had been abusing Paris for quite awhile and she noticed nothing? Christopher De La Fuente needs to spend some jail time for what he did. Who will be his next victim!

  6. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    I AGREE! He needs to go to JAIL…NOT some wussy-minded community service! The article did say “former boyfriend”, so I’m sure THIS was the breaking point when she kicked him to the curb. I sure HOPE SO! Prayers for your quick healing and nothing but LOVE from here on out, sweet Paris! ???? ???? ???? ????

  7. Edward says:

    Hi Chris you need to take my foot and hit you with a cock so hard that you died mother f***** f****** lowlife piece of s*** you took an innocent very innocent dog and heard him say you’re a piece of f****** garbage your mother f****** s*** head

  8. Maureen De says:

    What is wrong with these judges I just think they are full blown idiots … 150 hours community service .. and because we have full blown idiots like this judge animal abuse will always continue..this judge should be on a park bench…

  9. michelle taylor says:

    This vile scumbag requires the death penalty.This poor dog most definately needs to be rehomed.The judge is a moron who obviously disliked dogs.A communitry service order is NOT appropriate.I am willing to adopt Paris. I am very serious about this.She requires a loving home where she will be cared for

  10. Bufi Bufska says:

    150 hours of community work and a prohibition ? He should be sent to jail ! ha, so unjust are the systems. Beating this poor dog
    is like beating a baby !


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