Spanish bullfighters’ sickening cruelty as bull set on fire

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In a viral YouTube video, the disturbing animal cruelty of bullfighters during the egregious Spanish festival shows a bull’s horns set on fire as the terrified animal is sent into the ring, reports the Express.

Referred to as the El Toro Embolado, in the Spanish region of Valencia, spectators derive a sadistic pleasure as the event organizers set the bull’s horn on fire. The clearly panicky animal tries everything to extinguish the flames, as the fans cheer and scream. In this bullfighting region, the tradition traces back to pre-Roman times as a bull is restrained while men tie a post to an iron contraption holding the flammable balls attached to the bull’s horns.

The bull is then freed into the ring and frantically fights for its life trying to rub out the fire in the dirt and along the walls. Event organizers insist the bulls are not harmed, however animal activists state bulls regularly die or are blinded during the horrible event.

This event follows another outrageous display of animal cruelty after a baby calf was pierced in the bullfighting ring and suffered a slow torturous death during another festival.

The video is extremely disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. (Photo via YouTube freezeshot.) Click here to view the video.


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