Senior Lab who served her owner faithfully as hunting dog lies heartbroken in high kill shelter

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For all of her 12-years, Cammy served her master with loyalty and love. Trained as a hunting dog, Cammy never lost sight of her duties and proudly followed directions with the utmost pride. Then why, after a lifetime of devoted service, was she surrendered  on Monday to the Pasadena Animal Shelter? Cammy

Sadly, Cammy’s former owner gave no information about his dog; only that she had been a trained hunting dog. The circumstances as to why she was surrendered were not discussed, nor was there any information offered to help Cammy find a new family.

“I don’t know their circumstances the owners may have had no other choice, but I know she’s the sweetest girl and she needs our help now. I walked into the overflow area where the new comers are crates, and she was there laying heartbroken in a crate. Please network this girl and help me get her out of the shelter,” posted a volunteer on Cammy’s Facebook page.

Cammy is a 12-year-old black Labrador retriever trained as a hunting dog. She is spayed and there are no visible or obvious health issues; she is very sweet and well-behaved. According to volunteers, Cammy returned her crate without event being told. She loves attention too. It’s breaking volunteer’s heart that she may possibly spend her last days in a kill shelter.

If anyone can foster, adopt or pull please contact the Pasadena animal shelter at 5150 Burke Rd., Pasadena, TX 77504. 281-991-0602 ask for ID A122284

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  1. agrippamom says:

    He probably got rid of her because she was no longer as useful to him in hunting as she had been in the past, and he wanted a younger, faster dog. In other words, to him, she’s merely an extension of his gun, nothing more.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t know what the circumstances were for the owner turning Cammy into a “kill” shelter but there are ALWAYS alternatives! Most likely she had slowed down too much to be of use hunting so dump her for a “new” model! Shameful at best!

  3. Peter S. Mulshine says:

    I have had several old guys & girls like this,,I have an 18 yr old w bad hips & a 14 yr old that just recovered from torsion surgery & a blind 17 yr old ^& her 15Yr old boy,,,& could easily take this one in if someone brought her to me!!!In NW NJ,,,

  4. lupe Ibarra says:

    Adopted??oh thank you for adopting cammy bless you good people and the staff and persons who wish care and worried about clammy.TY

  5. Stephen Beyer says:

    I could take her for her final years but I live up in Norcal so I’d have to find a way to get her to me and her future brothers and sisters. It looks as if she’s been adopted thought (thank God), if something falls through we can probably manage it.

  6. Kelsey says:

    Honestly, I would rather the dog end up at a shelter. I know someone who stated that when his hunting dogs were no longer “of use” he would dispose of them with a shot to the head. I told him he could try to find them a home or take them to the shelter to which he replied “that would cost time and effort and he didn’t owe it anything.” So hopefully this dog can find a happily ever after trough the shelter.

  7. Margie Boisclair says:

    Did you take her Peter? It breaks my heart to see these beautiful faithful and helpless dogs dumped like a piece of trash.


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