Teen arrested after dog died inside of parked car

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Megan Kurtz Campbell

Megan Kurtz Campbell

A  Virginia teen was arrested on Monday after her dog, a “Puggle,” died from heat exhaustion inside of a parked vehicle. According to a news release from the Fairfax County Police Department, the incident took place in the parking lot of a PetSmart located at 6100 Arlington Boulevard.

The individual accused of leaving her five-year-old dog inside of the parked car, on a day when the outside temperature climbed over 90-degrees, is 19-year-old Megan Kurtz Campbell of Falls Church.

Firefighters were called out to the PetSmart parking lot and they attempted to save the dog, but it was too late – the dog was taken to the veterinary hospital inside of the pet store and pronounced dead. Campbell was arrested and she is facing a felony charge of animal cruelty.

Much of the nation is under a heat advisory. It is advisable to leave dogs at home, especially if the outing might possibly involve any stops. Cracked windows do not provide adequate cooling for parked vehicles because the interior temperature of a parked car can climb to a dangerous level quickly.

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  1. Carol Coughlin says:

    I don’t know why she didn’t just take her dog in with her. Of course dogs are allowed in there, it’s a petstore. Unless she was going to buy alot of stuff and couldn’t carry all of it with the dog too. But they have carriages in there to put stuff in and she could’ve asked one of the store people to help her.. I guess it was too hot to think clearly?? Then she should’ve left the dog at home and gone to the store.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I suppose looks are deceiving, and pictures sometimes don’t do a person justice, but she doesn’t look like the brightest bulb in the bunch.

  2. Annabel Edwards says:

    How many times have dog owners been told NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR WHEN WEATHER IS VERY HOT they just wont learn and have to let their dogs suffer these dog owners should be banned from having dogs.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    If 19-year-old Megan Kurtz Campbell is old enough to have a dog, then she should be responsible enough to know you don’t leave a dog in the car in the heat. The most preposterous thing is, if she was in PetSmart, why didn’t she take the dog inside with her? I am so sick of seeing this!

  4. virginia green says:

    charge her with killing a 4 legged kid wearing fur.dogs are just little kids wearing fur.treat them always like a little human kid.

  5. malgorzata szostek says:

    What a sad irony, a dog is dying in the Pet Smart parking lot, the perfect store for dogs, where you can easily cool your dog off, hydrate him (section with bowls and water fountains) and even let him have some fun with a friendly staff, and other visiting pets. You would you want to leave him in a car, in ordinary situation, let’s alone on the hot day? Megan Kurtz must not ever own, foster, or pet-sit another pet. She hasn’t evolved enough though she is 19 year old (what was she thinking?).
    Tears for the poor pup .

  6. vicki hood says:

    Her parents are partly at fault. No common sense. The poor innocent paid with his life for having no brainers for a family. She is driving? active in adult things? Prison for this so called adult.


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