Puppy Libre case under investigation by state police and DA’s office

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When the Lancaster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals refused to press animal cruelty charges against a puppy mill breeder in the case of a four-month-old Boston terrier named Libre, animal advocates never gave up. On Wednesday, the  Lancaster County district attorney’s office and state police launched an investigation, reports PennLive. Libre Update July29

Susan Martin, executive director of the Lancaster County SPCA and an animal cruelty officer for the county, decided not to press charges against the breeder stating there was insufficient evidence of abuse or neglect. Advocates were outraged and called for Martin’s resignation.

According to Brett Hambright, a spokesman for the district attorney, both agencies are investigating whether there will be charges lodged against the unnamed breeder; no timeline as to the conclusion of the investigation has been announced.

When rescued on July 4th by Janine Guido, owner of Speranza Animal Rescue in Quarryville, the puppy was rushed to Dillsburg Veterinary Hospital emaciated, dehydrated and barely alive. Suffering from mange and sepsis, Libre’s struggle to recover has gone national as the adorable little pup slowly gains back his health and strength. According to Dillsburg Veterinary Center owner Dr. Ivan Pryor, Libre is scheduled to go home with new mom, Janine Guido within a week or two.

Emotionally moved by the plight of the puppy, Senator Richard Alloway (R-Franklin County) announced on Monday he will begin working on legislation called “Libre’s Law” and will work with the Humane Society of the United States to bring more awareness to the problem of animal cruelty as well as stiffer penalties to offenders.

Check out his playful puppy video here.

(Photo courtesy of Dillsburg Veterinary Hospital)

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11 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m so glad to hear this, this puppy miller needs to be shut down! The condition poor Libre was allowed to get into was criminal at best!

    • Marion Weston says:

      How could it NOT be a crime? That breeder should be prosecuted, but puppy mills need to be closed down! Failing the will to do that, then at the very least, they need to regulated and inspected on a regular basis!

  2. mongibello says:

    And about time too. No proof of abuse?? Just what do they think a dying pup represented.
    Thank you to Senator Alloway for initiating a law to combat animal abuse; I hope it will include a ban on puppy mills in his state.

  3. virginia green says:

    ever dog is a 4 legged kid wearing fur.you hurt them or kill them or abuse them.you should be charged for the charges if the dog was a human kid instead of a dog.

  4. Cristen McConville says:

    I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t press charges ~ even if they THOUGHT there was no evidence, let it be investigated!!!! Thank God it is now, because I’m sure they will find other dogs in just as bad shape as Libre!!!! They deserve to be punished & PAY for their crimes!!!

  5. jada says:

    I have been following Libres story from the first day he was brought to Dillsburg vet, I am so glad to see all the wonderful good that has come from Libres story it’s opened a lot of eyes and hopefully this one little puppy can make a huge impact on shutting down these puppymills, and I really respect senetar Alloway for personally investing in Libres case to help with future laws regarding animal abuse, and deeply dissapointed in Susan Martin and her excuse her vet said about ” puppy not in immenant danger”. I could tell after 1 second just from a pic his body was limp and lifeless!!!! I am glad though that people are rallying together to protest her, keep it up!!! I am so glad Libre will get to have a life full of love and happiness! Libre Strong!?

  6. Sheenan says:

    Thank you Lord! There is a puppy mill here in VA that is horrible! My daughter purchased a puppy with Parvo. We spent thousands of dollars in a week to no avail. She succumbed to this horrible virus and suffered immensely. The dog warden told my daughter to leave the breeder alone because she was poor! He gave her a ful YEAR to get her dogs vaccinated and still allows the evil witch to breed. I’m reporting her again since the laws are harsher. She needs to be stopped and every single animal there needs to be removed from her possession. It’s my mission to protect these babies and I won’t stop until it’s done!


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