Two dogs die from heat exhaustion in North Carolina

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The heat and humidity proved to be too much for two dogs who were left outside in a Grifton, North Carolina, yard on Wednesday. According to WITN News, one dog was dead by the time that a local deputy arrived to the home on Skeeter Pond Road – another died not long after being carried out of the yard and taken away by animal control.

The distressing situation was first discovered by EMS workers – the canines, an adult dog and a puppy, had been tied up by the homeowner and they apparently became tangled in bushes in the yard and were not able to get any shelter from the scorching sun.

Though it is not believed that there was “malicious intent” behind the dogs’ deaths, the owner of the dogs may face charges. The local authorities are waiting to learn more from the animal control agency’s investigation.

The heat has taken a tragic toll on dogs this summer – earlier this week in Virginia, a “Puggle” died after a 19-year-old girl left the dog inside of a car that was parked outside of a pet retail store, and 14 dogs perished inside of a parked van when the vehicle’s built-in air-conditioning system failed in the midst of scorching heat in Indiana. In Newark, two dogs were rescued from a hot tar roof – the dogs were seriously injured from the scorching heat.

As the heat continues, pet owners must ensure that their companions are provided with plenty of clean, cool water, and shelter from the sun – and when it it’s warm outside, dogs should never be left unattended in a parked car, even if the windows have been cracked.

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6 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    “Malicious intent” or not, the dogs should not have been left unattended in the heat! Rest in peace poor pups, your owner let you down big time!

  2. agrippamom says:

    WTF is wrong with people? It’s hotter in North Carolina than it is here, and there are warnings on the news here telling people not to leave their pets outside! Surely they’re doing the same thing there! When they say the owners ‘might face charges’, under the circumstances, they’d damn well better face charges because this is nothing but sheer negligence and stupidity unless the family live in an oven!

  3. virginia green says:

    put the owners outside like the dogs was.let them stay outside and see what harm they did to they 4 legged kids wearing fur.they were inside and the dogs should have been inside like they owners and they human kids was also

  4. Annabel Edwards says:

    Stupid sods why dident they leave the dogs in the house putting them on a leash in the hot sun is not acceptable hope they get charged.


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