Puppy kicked to death while waiting by door to go outside

Man accused of kicking puppy to death
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According to WMUR News, a puppy who was waiting by a door to go outside was kicked to death. The man accused of the heinous act of cruelty is identified as 27-year-old Jonathan Blake of Grafton, Vermont.

The disturbing situation unfolded on Wednesday morning at a home on Eastman Road. Blake’s girlfriend told the authorities that they were arguing when the 16-week-old Labrador retriever named “Shadow,” was targeted. The heartbreaking details of what transpired were released in a police media alert:

“When Blake was about to leave the residence, Shadow was by the front door looking to go outside. Blake kicked Shadow in the ribcage, forcing him to hit the pellet stove near the front door.”

Blake was arrested and taken to the Southern State Correctional Facility – he is facing multiple charges, including aggravated cruelty to animals, and second-degree aggravated domestic assault, reports My Champlain Valley News.

This is not Blake’s first run in with the wrong-side of the law…in 2013, he was convicted of domestic assault.

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  1. Alright we all need to get these POS off the face of the earth !!!! Anyone else with me it seems like every hour I get updates about a human hurting or killing an animals enough I can’t take it anymore… we have 17 dogs and 6 cats that have been abused by humans or should I say POS is a better word for them…the LAWS are not strong enough to keep this from happening… we the people
    Who love animals need to band together and get rid of these POS…

  2. Another big tough POS that can kick an innocent puppy! I hope this “girl friend” has seen the light and gets away from this moron before he does this or worst to her! May he rot in jail!

  3. Okay, so WHY, tell me why, is this woman living with someone who was convicted of domestic assault in the past? Why the hell would she bring an innocent puppy into the mix? Look at his eyes! They are a dead giveaway that no one’s home! Either lock the SOS away for life or end it!

    • Why” Because he either told a sob story about how whoever he abused drove him to it, or the fool didn’t know he had been arrested before, or she even may have believed he would NEVER do that to her (not too bright). Some women can’t live without a man. There must have been signs this could happen, she should have taken the pup and run for their lives.

  4. I am sick to death of this sh!+. Liberal laws allowed this piece of human excrement back on the street ib 2013 even though he was already in the system for domestic violence. And look what has happened now….a poor, sweet, innocent puppy was cruelly and violently murdered by this sh!+head.

    When is enough finally going to be enough?!

  5. Too bad his mother dint make a better “choice” about 28 yrs ago. ….and yes, I value the dog’s life over his life. Any day.

  6. First thing is beat this worthless POS until he’s out cold. Then throw what remains in a nice jail cell .. with prisoners who love animals. Let this loser get a taste of prison justice!!!!


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