Neglected senior German shepherd

Neglected senior German shepherd in busy animal control

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A senior German shepherd, who appears to have been quite neglected, is in need of help at a busy California animal control agency. The 10-year-old shepherd, dubbed “Kimmie,” is being held at the San Bernardino City Animal Control facility.

Kimmie arrived to the animal control facility on September 23 – today, she continues to wait in her lonely kennel run for someone to come and take her away from the fear and confusion. On September 27, the Facebook page, Save SBC Shelter Pups wrote:

Kimmie is a senior! 10 year old shepherd should be on soft beds, not cement!

San Bernardino City Shelter , CA doesn’t have many networkers, we really need your help sharing our dogs.
The local rescues full and we’re in big trouble!

Kimmie needs the help of strangers to get her out of this animal control facility. Please take a moment to network this senior shepherd’s adoption information and help her find a loving home, or a reputable rescue agency.

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