Man who videoed himself raping dogs – stripped and beaten by animal activists

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It’s called vigilante justice; a man in the Shiling area of Chengdu, China who videoed himself beating dogs into submission and then having sex with them,Man stripped naked after having sex with dog was tracked down by a group of animal activists, reports The Sun.

The unnamed sicko had been live streaming his disgusting sexual acts with dogs to thousands of viewers for the past three weeks. That’s when activists decided to make their own justice, and so devised  a plan to lure the dog rapist into a trap as they posed as “fans.” When the man met them at the prearranged destination, the angry mob  stripped him naked, and for several minutes the crowd expressed their anger at the heinous deed.

Video of the man lying naked in the street went viral as a sign promoting the need for animal cruelty laws of “small animals” was prominently displayed.  When someone finally called police, the beating stopped, and the man was taken to the hospital. Tragically, the dog rapist will not be charged as there are no laws protecting stray animals. The creep, however is being investigated for streaming his disgusting acts online.

No arrests have been made at this time for anyone involved in the culprit’s beating.

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  1. Mongoose218 says:

    WOW! A country where dogs are routinely killed and eaten, takes vigilante justice against a dog rapist, but here in the U.S. where we supposedly love dogs and think of them like children, no such things ever happen……I’m not calling for vigilante justice but it seems VERY ironic to see this in CHINA!

    • Lucy Maldonado says:

      you must live in a happy dream world it happens in U.S.A to just dosent make big news like it should they rape sheep cows dogs anything some sicko wants to and they should have stronger laws here to against those sicko’s buy toys or jerk yourselfs off leave poor animals out of it !!! But to be honest it happens all over the world were they can do it sick ill people will try it !!! Animals matter too 😉

      • Rosanna Allen says:

        I’m so utterly horrified and these acts seem to be on a rise. It seems every where you look people are abusing animals. I can totally get it why these activists took it upon themselves to deliver a little justice for once.

    • Jb Dean says:

      There are a LOT of Chinese citizens who do not eat dog or cat meat and abhor those that do. There are many groups of animal rescuers in China that work long and hard hours intercepting the trucks that illegally transport these animals across China and into other countries. And once apprehended, they begin rehabilitation and working to find them homes. One such organization is based in Thailand but also has members in China and other Asian countries where this is happening. They’re called Soi Dog (soi meaning street in Thai). They help both cats and dogs.

      Please check them out and if you can spare a donation, no amount is too small. ?

      • ellen cottone says:

        soi dog is actally england . an english couple who visited thailand and never left.
        John dally and his wife. (a high functioning amputee) you can thank this org. for bringing it to western countries. they exploded on line about 6 yrs ago. for some reason most pet rescue report commenters only recentally are finding out about this recentally thru this medium.
        You may be thinking of AsiaOne. They are not only working long hours they are dying . many of these trucks have fallin over the mountian roads. More important then donations is our words. they provide links to asian officials where we can demand change.

      • Dana says:

        I love this organization, I tell everyone I know about SOI and have given them a small donation monthly for the last few years, just hoping to make a difference. I hope this message reaches many, they need donations to continue to do the saving and emergency care they so generously give to these beautiful abused and homeless animals. ????????❤

        As far as this deranged POS goes, like I always say to sick animal abusers..
        One bullet to the head is what you need, just one, you sick bastard!

    • Eugene Rider says:

      It’s not like that. Some areas in China have that customs to eat dogs, mostly chinese don’t eat dogs anyway.

      Technically though, human eats everything, everything that’s submissive of humans. Dogs, cats, wolves, bears, boars, just name one, there’s people hunting it for the mere pleasure of belly.

      Aside from animal rights, bestiality is degraded, fucking depraved shit, this should consider more on human perspective, why would any motherfucker fuck an animal? That’s fucking degenerated. This should be banned merely for the not messing the simple nature positions and hygienes. Jesus fuck, those people are fucked.

    • ellen cottone says:

      you mean your shocked that their is a rising force of chinease people who love and respect animals and are fighting the good and brave fight in the name of animal rights reform?
      Your shocked to find there are chinese people who are like us.
      Then its a long time coming.

    • Bonnie Dugan says:

      I have been to China…one sees no violence , of course as they are careful & want the money from tourists. Mongoose: China is very, very cruel to animals…They don’t care at all.

    • Kathleen Hill says:

      It happened here in Detroit there was a subhuman who had tons of dogs tied up and change in this property 3ft chains only enough to get at each other just enough for them to be mean to each other no food no water he was supposedly a fighter of dogs also well three people broke in this house beat the living shit out of him cut off his ear. There are people out there that are willing to do this but in America the person beating the person for doing the ungodly acts of what they were doing would be the one getting in trouble not the abuser sucks we need to change our laws

  2. Debbie Deutscher says:

    Pieces of shit that can do shit like this is totally brain dead disrespectful scum bag that should be shot and pissed on. Karmas coming for you assholes. Stop animal cruelty all ready all around the world it’s bull shit already. ???

  3. GizmosMommy says:

    Justice would have been completely served if they cut off his winkie & duffel bags!!! I would have been honored to perform the procedure. My guess is I hope that people go after him again.

    • Connie Evans says:

      I would have! happily assisted you Gizmos Mommy. This freak isn’t a real man, he’s sub human just brutally chop his junk off and let him bleed out and die a slow, excruciatingly painful death, what a POS!

  4. Linda Szymoniak says:

    While this is NOT the way to get justice for the dogs, I have to admit – I’m silently applauding those who took matters into their own hands. Not only will this help deter this monster from hurting any more dogs, but will hopefully deter others who might think to do it, too.

  5. nick diaz says:

    it’s too bad that i couldn’t get a piece of the action cause the cops would of came too late as i wouldn’t have given the ambulance a chance to bring him to the hospital !!

  6. Rachel says:

    Don’t think he would of survived if I had my hands on him pure disgusting..isn’t it right if this man can do it to a defenceless dog how easy would it of been for him doing the same to a child…. He needs hanging

    • Debbie says:

      Hell yeah! That sounds more like it to me, Karen! A simple beating wasn’t enough for that sick SOB! I have always said that all of these sickos that hurt helpless animals and children should have the same thing done to them that they do to their victims…and worse! Then and only then, maybe they would think twice before doing some of these things.

  7. D sweet says:

    Its getting to the point where people have had ENOUGH OF SICK,DEVIANT,TORTURE,ABUSE RAPE OF DEFENSELESS ANIMALS!! Denmark & other countriez have BROTHELS FOR BESTALITY! SORRY,,THIS IS SICK,,,ITS IN EVERY COUNTRY INCLUDING U.S.A. GOT to have TOUGHER Laws to protect those that cannot get away or fight back against the Low-Life COWARDS!!

  8. michelle taylor says:

    Cut this vile filthy asian slopes perverts penis off and make him eat it.Then death of this POS by decapitaion.I would like this bastard to make face to face contact with me as I can ensure that payback is enacted.OH YES!! An eye for an eye!

  9. Dorris says:

    No charging great news he deserved to get beaten . Then he will never do it again an if he does beat him again . Dogs don’t deserve this abuse on them anywhere on earth it’s sick .

  10. Syl Mill says:

    That’s awesome..I’m glad there are people in China who won’t tolerate this behavior..I would like to see more stories like this in the U.S. I just wish they would have raped him with a broomstick and turned him into a popsicle…animal and child abusers..should not be tolerated, they should be exterminated

  11. Elizabeth says:

    They should have cut this disgusting, perverted male’s dirty little wiener off and then thrown him in a pit with some poor hungry dogs and let them eat him alive.

    I would sooo like to see that!

  12. Elaine Briden says:

    Good for those animal activists, I hope they continue to find every last fucking sick cruel monster there in china and kill each and every last one of them . They shouldn’t have stopped until they killed that fucker. That’s justice.

  13. Pamela D'Angio says:


  14. Colleen says:

    The creepy troll got what was coming to it!! Wish I could of been there…but then it wouldn’t still be breathing, I guess.

  15. Cynthia Como says:

    Finally some heroes!!!! A big THANK YOU to these wonderful amazing heroes! Too bad they didn’t beat him to death and then rape him up the ass with a nail studded broom handle and then castrate him! THIS GROUP OF ANIMAL LOVERS ARE ANGELS AND GAVE A LITTLE JUSTICE IN A SOCIETY WHERE NO JUSTICE EXISTS FOR THE VOICELESS INNOCENT DOGS AND CATS THAT HAVE THE MISFORTUNE TO EXIST HERE! OH HOW IM LOVING THIS POST!!!!


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