Police K9 disappeared after breaking off of tether

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On August 11, a police K9 with the Natchez Police Department in Mississippi, broke off of a tether and bolted – today, he is still missing. According to Sunday’s publication of the Natchez Democrat, the German shepherd, named “Cyrax,” may have been spotted on Saturday afternoon, near the Natchez Trace.

Cyrax had been tethered with a leash outside of a handler’s residence on Palestine Road – the dog, who was wearing a silver choke collar at the time that he broke free, was not reported missing for two days.

Anyone with a tip about Cyrax is asked to contact the Natchez Police at 601-445-5565 or Crime Stoppers at 601-442-5000. Though Cyrax is reported to be “fairly gentle,” the department has requested that residents call if they see him, rather than attempting to catch him.

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  1. He didn’t report it for two days? This definitely SMELLS! Wny was the dog tethered in the first place? This is his PARTNER AND FELLOW COP!!!! Why is he treating him so inhumanely with a tether and choke collar? Not only should this guy not be a K9 officer, it sounds to me like he somehow contributed to the death of his PARTNER, probably by leaving him in the car or maybe even by shooting him. It could even be that the dog was attacked by someone or something else because he was tethered!

  2. Something isn’t right here. Since when does a K9 run away from its handler? And why wouldn’t the handler report it immediately?

  3. A police K-9 disappears and it’s not reported for 2 day? What reason is there for that! I pray they find the dog safe and sound but I don’t know if I will hold my breath, something is off with this story!

  4. Cyrax apparently did not like being TETHERED. If I read this correctly is was outside the handlers home. WHY? And why did the handler wait 2 days before reporting the dog missing? Cyrax is beautiful dog and where ever he is I hope he is not TETHERED ever again. In some states TETHERING is against the law. I have read to many articles with dogs being tethered for hours, days and the dog ends up biting his leg off. Just my opinion.

  5. I BET THERE HAS been NO INVESTIGATION or REPRIMAND done in this instance !!!! AFTER ALL this IS MISSISSIPPI!!! HAVE they even posted a picture of the Officer or Posted his NAME NOT!!!!!

  6. Very suspicious. Not reported for 2 days? Mississippi is not the greatest with dogs much less the way K9s are trained there for the most part. Why did Cyrax leave instead of staying by his family? Maybe he didn’t like the treatment where he was. Was his handler using Schutzen training? Can’t remember the spelling, sorry. That training is very cruel. was he helicoptered? Usual is to kick em in the testicles as they lay there trying to regain consciousness. Was Cyrax unhappy where he was? Was cyrax possibly dead after being locked in a car and this is a cover up? he will never be found if this is true. I hope a nice kind family helped him, took him in and treated him like family. Dogs no matter what, respond to kindness and love. Being mean means they will run away. I don’t trust lots of police because of K9 cruelty. These police need to prove all they know about Cyrax.


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