Man claims that hunter killed his 2 dogs

Man claims that hunter killed his dogs as he called for them

An Ohio man is mourning the loss of his two dogs, who he claims were shot by a hunter not long after they got loose from his home. The dogs belonged to Pete Byers, who has utilized social media to express his heartbreak, and disgust, over the way that his dogs, Emmy and Bella, were killed.

On Monday, Byers wrote, “I would like to thank (name removed pending potential charges) of St. Clairsville, for murdering the only things in this world which I had left to love.” He added, “Those dogs he killed where my best friends, my buddys , my foot warmers and my companions. I loved those dogs with all my heart. I don’t know how you didn’t hear me screaming for them from every hilltop in the valley, especially when you where 300 yards from one place I yelled.”


Byers claims that the hunter even removed the dogs’ collars to keep as “trophies.” According to the TriStateUpdate, the local authorities are investigating the situation and evidence will be presented to the Prosecutor’s Office for review. The man who allegedly shot the dogs has not yet been arrested.

Animal Rights Advocates are hopeful that the shooter will face charges for violating Ohio’s REVISED CODE 959.02 which states:

No person shall maliciously, or willfully, and without the consent of the owner, kill or injure a horse, mare, foal, filly, jack, mule, sheep, goat, cow, steer, bull, heifer, ass, ox, swine, dog, cat, or other domestic animal that is the property of another. This section does not apply to a licensed veterinarian acting in an official capacity.