Injured senior German shepherd, abandoned at vet, out of time

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A senior German shepherd named “Moses,” has managed to beat the odds during his stay at the Los Angeles Animal Services – North Central Shelter in California. Moses arrived on June 25 after being hit by a car, and subsequently abandoned at a veterinary hospital…a Facebook post, made on August 17,  sheds light on the senior dog’s situation:

“Silver cloaks his face, he’s a senior, but he’s got more life to live.Moses is a 10-year-old, intact male, German Shepherd. He first arrived as a stray at North Central on June 25, 2016. He was picked up by one of our officers from a veterinary hospital after he had been abandoned. He had reportedly been hit by a car and had severe head trauma. When he arrived at North Central, he began his road to recovery. Moses no longer shows neurological signs and is ready for a home.”

The Facebook post, made by the Friends of North Central Shelter – Los Angeles, also indicates that Moses is running out of time:

He would be best suited for a mature home without small animals. His disposition and friendly nature has easily made him a “staff favorite”. Our hope is that he finds the home he deserves; however, if he is not rescued/adopted before August [18th] he will be humanely euthanized. Please consider Moses for rescue.”

Moses skirted death when he survived being hit by a car, and he skirted death when August 18 came and went – he was granted an extension, but he is running out of time and he might not be as lucky when his name is put on the dreaded “E-list” the next time around.

Please share Moses’ information to help him find a reputable rescue group which is able to take him in and find him a safe and loving home.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Los Angeles Animal Services – North Central Shelter at (888) 452-7381
    Ask for information about animal ID number A1637879
  • Facebook thread here
  • Videos and more information at this link to Shelter Me
  • Note – all inquiries about this dog, including those about temperament and availability, must be made directly to the shelter facililty


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  1. if they put this dog down for no apparet reason this dump needs to be closed and whom ever in charge be charged with animal cruelty at the highest level. these pos’s need to be held accountable

    • California IS NOT FOR THE MOST part TOO CONCERNED about the Welfare and SAVING the DOG”S &CAT”S dumped by the GUPPIE GROUP of CALIFORNIA POS PET OWNERS!! THIS is A CRIME AGAINST THE POOR ANIMALS unfortunate enough to live the that HELL HOLE STATE!!

    • He is a GSD, and California shelters, all of them, are overloaded with GSD’s and Chihuahuas…….they would probably find homes if moved to different parts of the country where they are more rare, but Calif shelters WILL NOT, or very seldom will do this……they’d rather KILL the dogs than transport them to other states. WRITE the CALIF. legislators!!!

    • I don’t like it either, none of us do….but there are NOT enough homes for all the dogs and cats that need them……and meanwhile puppy mills add an additional 500,000+ new dogs (as cute little puppies!) EACH and EVERY year…..and well meaning people go to third world countries and bring back hundreds of dogs to “save” them, thus guaranteeing the deaths of more dogs in shelters……

      Landlords in cities like NY have cracked down on dog ownership in the last few years; also other big cities…..

      BSL laws have an effect, as do home insurance rules that single out certain breeds of dogs and will not “cover” your home if you own one of them…….

      THIS all adds up.

  2. WHY do they DAMN his chances with sentences like this: “He would be best suited for a mature home without small animals.”….how do they KNOW that? Have they TRIED him with kids, cats, other dogs? How does he react (realizing he’s in a very strange situation, and nothing is “normal” for him)…….?

    I think its a knee jerk response to cya by saying things like that, about nearly EVERY dog in a shelter older than a puppy!


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