Baylor University football player videoed kicking and beating dog with belt

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In a cruel and disturbing video, a Baylor University Bears’ wide receiver football player was captured on Snapchat abusing his dog for having had an accident in the house, reports the USAToday. Ishmael Zamora cover

Ishamel Zamora, a Houston native, is shown repeatedly hitting his dog in the video. He kicked and hit the dog with a belt while the dog howled aloud and cowered in pain in the corner of the room. In one part of the video, Zamora curses at the dog. The video was posted by another team member, however it has since been removed.

Originally filmed in June, the video just surfaced and was released by KxxvNews.  A former Baylor student, Shelby Ball, said she knew she had to do something as soon as she saw the video and immediately headed to authorities.

Zamora has been charged with a Class C misdemeanor for animal cruelty and admitted to having lost his temper. He faces the maximum of a $500 fine.  He has since been taking instructions from a dog trainer to help him with his dog’s training, however according to police, the dog is living with Zamora’s parents in Houston.

A statement by Baylor’s  Coach Jim Grobe included there would be sanctions against the player by the school, and although he is still practicing, there have been no notes as to how many games Zamora will miss. Note the tone of the coach’s statement about how Zamora ‘spanked’ the dog, and then watch the video.

“Hopefully it’s a teaching moment and a learning experience for him, and I think he was frustrated and spanked the dog for not being house trained. But you can’t do that and he knows that. He loves the dogs and takes great care of the dog other than losing his temper with the dog, I think he takes great care of him.”

Animal rescue groups continue to express their disapproval of the school’s handling of the situation. Photo via YouTube.

Warning: Disturbing video. May not be suitable for all audiences:

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    ANY violence towards a dog – especially for doing something they have no control of – is unacceptable. The dog should have been taken away, and a mere $500 fine? He probably spends more than that just going out partying. The coach needs to take this more seriously. What happens when the next time this monster loses his temper, he abuses a girlfriend….or a child?

      • Lori says:

        I agree ,.. That animal abuser should be beaten and listen to him Yelp in pain !!!! I HATE Animal Abusers !!!!! They should Ban him from EVER owning any kind of animal !!! And Fined $100,000 .00 or more !!! Here is the PROOF !!!!!!

  2. Leesa Hornick says:

    Excuse me, but he lost his “temper”the coach is living in a dream world that wasn’t a so called spanking. Did you hear that poor dog? Makes me sick totally disgusted. If he spent the time to train him and pay attention to the dog,the dog had an accident it happens. He shouldn’t have an animal.

  3. Tina Scott says:

    The coach should be ashaned of himself. This thug beat the dog, big difference in a spanking, then kicked the dog. He should be removed from the team. Dog removed from parents and placed in foster care until a loving hone can be found

  4. bklyngap says:

    He is DISGUSTING and it says everything about Baylor and that team that he is still playing with them–he represents them. Just like all the other bullies and criminals who play football–it’s a sport that rewards people for beating people up on the field and they are all the same.

  5. Melanie Peschel says:

    To the coach that doesn’t get it. Beating and kicking a dog isn’t spanking. And by the way, spanking doesn’t work either. The most that the dog takes away from that is that you’re angry because he pooped or urinated. And because he has to do that, the chances are he will try to hide when he does. This was abuse. Grow some cojones and call it what it is and then deal with this whole thing using animal abuse as a starting point.

  6. virginia green says:

    put him injail for abuse and mistreatment of a 4 legged kid wearing fur.if he does it to a dog,he migth do it to a human kid no animals forever he could have no pets at all.

  7. denise says:

    Its sick and disquisting an i think he should be suspended from team for awhile have to do work at a shelter helping abused and neglects animals pay restitution and be banned from ever owning any animals

  8. Wendy says:

    He needs jail time,anger management, his ass kicked off the team and a good ass whipping he is a coward and does not have an animal what a scumbag!!!!!!!

  9. Mary Devonshire says:

    A healthy, well-trained dog only mimmies or poos in the house if he can’t get outside. I have a very old dog that can’t help himself now, but after being my best friend for so many years, I’m not going to punish him for accidents. Just clean it up and continue training, as you would with a child. You wouldn’t kick and whip your child for messing his pants, would you. (Yes, I know some people believe that’s fine….I don’t.)

  10. Penny's Dachshund says:

    WHAT THE HELL:::::Why should ANY of US be surprised AT THE COVER up by the COACH for this PIECE of A MAGGOT TURD!!!! These school’s and coach’s could care less if the player is a PSYCHOPATH as long as they can help WIN THE GAME!!! WAIT till the NEXT TIME HE GOES OFF ON the POOR DOG or A HUMAN BEING what excuse will they have THEN!!! NEXT this PUKE will get off with a Deadly Assault OR MURDER>>> IT”S all for the TEAM YOU KNOW!!!!

  11. Lisa Burger Clesi says:

    He is a vile digusting pos of a human! He should have been jailed, fined and never allowed to own another animal. Does his coach beat him when he makes a mistake? You need to train an animal wirh love and patience not abuse. No excuses you are a a hole!!

  12. Maureen Olearyrotted rotted says:

    This football player should be removed from playing for the rest of the year,
    He took it out on his dog. This dog should also be removed from him.he has to understand that you can’t abuse a dog, get away with it with a fine, he has to pay the consequences.

  13. Amy says:

    I saw the video , made me sick to my stomach . The dog should have been taken away from him , that’s totally unacceptable behaviour . This guy is a thug .

  14. BETTY PLOWMAN says:

    they need to kick his ass off the team go to jail for a long time let his sorry ass come to alabama see what he would get some one should beat his ass just like he did that poor baby that’s what wrong his mom and daddy didn’t beat his ass


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