Arizona volunteer sits in dog’s kennel for 26 hours until pooch is adopted

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In Phoenix, Arizona, Whitney Steele, the Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA director of volunteer services and special events, stayed in the cage of a four-year-old dog that had been living at the shelter since April.Lana the dog cover

According to the Facebook page of the organization, Lana, a four-year-old bullmastiff mix had been found as a stray when she was just a puppy. Not long after, she was adopted by a family and for three years lived a happy life until she was returned nearly four months ago. Sadly, Lana was not doing well at the shelter, and that’s when Whitney decided to bring Lana’s plight to social media.Lana the dog

And so Whitney decided to live in the shelter cage with Lana for as long as it would take until someone came to  adopt the dog. A sign soon appeared on the outside of Lana’s kennel:

“Lana is always overlooked and has been at the shelter for more than 125 days;( I am staging a sit-in and living 24/7 in her kennel until she gets adopted! Please consider getting to know this sweet girl! Oh, my name is Whitney and I don’t need treats!”

Whitney spent the night in Lana’s kennel; perhaps a small insight into how Lana feels locked up. The only time Whitney came out was when Lana was walked for exercise and her bathroom breaks. The two ate pizza, watched net flicks on Whitney’s laptop and even conducted meetings from the kennel.

The good news for Lana and Whitney came on Friday afternoon. The organization announced Lana had been adopted. Barb Kerstetter saw Lana’s story and just knew this was the right pooch for her after having lost her dog over a year ago. Lana and her new mom

“When I saw the story and saw that she’d been here for four months, I knew she was for me,” Kerstetter stated.

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(Photos courtesy of Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA) All rights reserved.

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  1. Whitney – you are an angel!!! May your life be continually filled with all things great!!! Thank you for your dedication!!!

  2. she did a very good thing for the dog.cats and dogs need all the help they can get to be not in shelters or killed at some places because they have nomore room for the smart woman she was.

  3. Her unusual way of advertising and bringing to LIGHT the sad situation of this little girl was awesome and found her a GOOD home THIS IS GREAT!!!

    • Yes it sure is great. Remember the vet who sat in the cage with a scared dog, ate his breakfast there her so the dog would feel secure? Now that’s a man!!!


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