Heartless chefs laugh while they burn and decapitate tiny lost duckling

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Two very frightened ducklings were attacked by a few heartless chefs at a pub in Launceston, Tasmania reports the Daily Mail; a staff employee is alleged to have burned the head off of one of the defenseless babies.decapitated-duckling

The story of the tiny little feathered babies began on Saturday as animal lovers, Adina Purton and Melissa Singline found the lost ducklings desperately trying to find their mother as they wandered near an open garage. Scared by the noise of the passing traffic, the babies ran inside of the garage, and as the women ran to capture the little ones, the garage door was slammed in their faces.decapitated-duckling-3

According to the Facebook page of Adina, the women had contacted a wildlife rescue group for help, but before they could get the ducklings, the two chefs inside of the pub laughed cynically telling the women they would “shoot the ducks if they didn’t get out of the place in five minutes.”  Tragically, by the time the women were able to get the ducklings, a manager told them “one of the ducklings had been found dead on the floor.” And then the women were handed a box containing one headless duckling and one survivor. The decapitated duckling’s head appeared to have been burned off, and its neck down blackened as if it had been torched with a flame.

“Tonight Melissa Singline and I spent hours of our time trying to rescue two ducklings who had lost their mother in the Myer car park after taking a fall of a roof earlier today; whilst we did get the ducklings safely back to their mother this only lasted a short while. Our feathery friends, frightened by cars, decided to take refuge in star bars garage/storage room. When asking for permission to help the ducks find their way back outside we were told that was out of the question.”

But the women refused to give up. Five minutes passed and then this:

“It was then that the manager came out and had told us that one of the ducklings had been found dead on the floor. Not trusting that this was any fault other than the staffs, we asked if we could see the body of the duckling so that we knew it had not been hurt or cruelly mistreated; we were then handed a box which contained a small headless baby duckling. I am absolutely disgusted that anyone would mistreat an animal this way especially when we had given them fair warning that help was on its way.”decapitated-duckling-4

Fortunately the mother duck was reunited with her surviving baby, however animal lovers were outraged at the alleged cruelty after the women posted the horrible story online. The post has been shared more than 2,400 times and read by 2.5 thousand viewers. Comments continue to be posted thanking the women for their tireless efforts to save the ducklings, while past and current patrons now pledge never to frequent the pub again.

The pub manager made a statement on Facebook, but later deleted it stating it was unknown how the duckling died.

“Where the ducks walked into was an area where high shelving sits and some wire, and we don’t know what happened and there was no one in the room to see what happened,” he originally stated.

Tasmanian Police stated they believed the duck’s beheading was an accident. The RSPCA Tasmania chief executive stated they intend to investigate.

Rest in peace little one.

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  1. someone should do the same to the scumbags they like hurting and killing things what will be next sure it isn’t their first time WHAT WILL BE DONE?

  2. I think who ever did this cruel act needs to experience pain and suffering the same. This is a senseless cruel intentional act. They should be prosecuted for animal cruelty and I would love to add my name to the list!!

  3. Sickened and disgusted how some humans think they have the God given right to torture and kill a life any life!” It takes big man to take a baby duckling and torture and kill it ” Scumbag one day in the near future I hope someone hurts you the way you hurt that baby duckling !

    • The Star Bar on Charles Street. Avoid it – management’s defence of a staff member who took glee in holding a blow torch to the head of a terrified creature speaks volumes.

  4. These Bastards had better get charged ! What the hell is wrong with these two idiots that they would harm a a poor defenceless duckling.

  5. I cannot believe people can be so cruel to defenceless animals. Punishment needs to be given to these sick excuses for human beings. Which pub in Launceston? I want to never go there and boycott this pub and let my friends know not to go there!!

  6. Avoid the Star Bar – if only for your own safety.

    Instead of addressing the issue, management has defended the psychopaths in question. They’re employing someone capable of burning the head off of a living being. Don’t risk letting someone that unstable and prone to such violent outbursts become familiar with your face.


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