Dog with tattoos

Growing outrage over dog with multiple tattoos

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There is growing outrage over images showing a dog with multiple tattoos. According to Sunday’s publication of the Mirror U.K., the photos of the “inked” dog first appeared on social media – the dog’s owner, believed to be Emerson Damasceno, a resident in Southeastern Brazil, initially tried to justify the tattoos on the white bull terrier by claiming that the dog would be protected from cancer by having the tattoos.

Later, as outrage over the images spread, the photos were deleted. The photos may be gone, but the outrage and claims of animal cruelty continue. A petition with nearly 1,000 signatures has been created asking for the dog’s owner to be prosecuted (click here to read more).

According to the Daily Mail, it is unclear if the man who made his dog get tattoos around his eyes, nose and ears, will be prosecuted in any way.



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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Just like vets shouldn’t be willing to do certain procedures on animals (i.e., declawing, ear and tail cropping, etc.), anyone who is licensed to do tatoos should be forbidden to do them on any human under 18 and on any animal. The animals, after all, can’t give consent and this is tantamount to animal abuse. Both the idiot owner AND the one who did the tatoos should be charged with animal cruelty.


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