Senior dog with huge tumor

Homeless senior dog happy despite ‘face sized’ tumor

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A senior dog, estimated to be 9 to 10 years of age, is happy, despite a myriad of ailments, including a tumor on her paw that is described as the “size of a face.” According to Guardian’s Light Dog Rescue, the senior dog, named “Tina Turner,” was rescued on Saturday from a busy, open-intake animal control agency in Los Angeles, California.

Dog with face-sized tumor

Tina Turner is undoubtedly happy because she is finally out of a cold, frightening kennel run and in the arms of people who genuinely care about her well-being. The senior dog’s rescuers updated Facebook followers about her various maladies:

A tumor the size of my face is hanging from her paw (yes paw), several skin tags hanging off her rear, dry eye disease, entropion, bronchitis, ear infection and several rotting teeth and all her teeth need to be scaled due to the amount of plaque that is built up so high, it’s actually cutting up her gums.

Tina Turner was able to get through the veterinary exam from the comfort of her rescuer’s lap…enjoying a soothing hug while she was poked and prodded by a veterinarian. The rescued senior will be undergoing multiple surgeries to have her rotting teeth removed, as well as multiple skin tags and of course, the huge tumor.

Senior dog with huge tumor

Tina’s rescuers noted that though the expenses to address so many health issues is high, the rescue is getting assistance from the veterinarian:

My vet has graciously taking care of her dental work as an additional donation. They all have fallen in love with her.

Anyone hoping to help Tina Turner get all of the care that she desperately needs, can make a donation.

Donations may be made directly to the vet by calling (209) 832-8882 or donations can be made to PayPal

Follow Tina Turner’s rescuers on Facebook here.

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