Rescue center in India rehabilitates alcoholic monkey

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In Wardha, India a rescue center has been able to rehabilitate an alcoholic monkey. According to the Times of India, the owner of the monkey would coax his pet, named Rani, to take a few swigs of whiskey every evening. At first Rani refused, but within days the monkey became addicted.

For three years, Rani was an alcoholic monkey, and when she was surrendered, where would anyone send a monkey with a serious addiction problem?  That’s when volunteers from Karunashram, a rescue shelter in Wardha, accepted the challenge to help Rani. Where else would she be able to receive help? Although there are facilities to rehabilitate humans, where could a monkey get help?  Rescuers stepped forward – put Rani on medication and carefully fed her dark energy drinks, resembling whiskey to help curb her addiction withdrawal symptoms. She was also put in isolation and only occasionally allowed to mingle with other primates to lift her spirits.

Rani has since recovered, Maneka Gandhi, an animal rights activist, environmentalist, and widow of the Indian politician Sanjay Gandhi, visited the shelter and praised the  extraordinary work done by volunteers and available to animals.  The shelter has been approved by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Men and women from all over the globe continue to reach out to help the voiceless. Don’t ever be discouraged; every life is precious.

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(Photo via screenshot Times of India)

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