Firefighters rescue choking fox stuck in soccer net

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In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Saturday morning proved to be an unusual day for rescue for the New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company, the Solebury Township Police and the EMS, as they worked together to free a fox that became entangled in a soccer net at a local  park.

fox caught in soccer net

According to the, the incident occurred at the Pat Livezey Park after fire administrator Kevin Doherty received a call asking for assistance.

“The fox was hanging in the net and choking himself out,” stated Doherty as he assessed the situation. “Once I grabbed his snout he was fine. He let us do what we needed to do.”

And as the crew cut away the net, Doherty leaned over to the scared fox and gently stroked his nose, therefore earning the fireman the title as “Fox Whisperer.”

When freed, the grateful little fox was  carefully carried to the edge of the park and released, where he quickly scampered away. Check it out!

“Satisfying rescue of a fox entangled in a soccer net this morning with Solebury Township Police and Medic 146. Run wild, run free!,” posted the New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company on their Facebook.

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(Photos courtesy of New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company)

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