Owner heartbroken after dog mistakenly killed at shelter

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A software “glitch” is being blamed for the mistaken killing of a dog, who escaped from his owner’s yard in Lexington, Kentucky, earlier this month reported WTVQ News. The dog who lost his life at an area animal control agency was a pit bull named “Drake,” who belonged to Vanessa Kyle.

Kyle expressed to WTVQ News her devastation over the sudden and unexpected loss of her pet, “It’s awful, I have cried constantly. You know for the first two or three days, I didn’t eat.” The tragedy took place after Drake somehow escaped from his fenced in yard and wound up on a neighbor’s property.

The neighbor did not know who Drake belonged to, so he transported him to the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control. Drake’s owner visited the facility and looked for her dog, but could not find him – on a return visit, she was taken aside and given the heartbreaking news that her dog had already been put down.

The shelter has stated that mistakes like the one that claimed Drake’s life are rare – Kyle has been provided with an adoption certificate and license if she decides to get a new dog.

Screenshot (715)Unfortunately, nothing will bring Drake back. A painful reminder to all owners to keep current identification tags on your pet and ensure that your dog has a microhip with up-to-date information.

(Photos screen shots via ABC 36 News/WTVQ)



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  1. GizmosMommy Ellen says:

    Rare????????? Hello shelter – I am not buying that!!! This is totally inexcusable. That poor dog was MURDERED while in the arms of strangers!!!!! Shame on you idiots. How could a computer glitch be responsible for either injecting the dog with a solution or some other method of murder??? Do we now have computers that have arms and legs that can do these things??!!!?? It’s not possible. I’m sorry it’s not possible. Own up to what you did.

    • Lisa says:


    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Whole thing sounds absurd to me. These “shelters” with their kill policies don’t wait anytime to put down a dog, especially one of this breed. Poor Drake was dead the moment the “kind” neighbor took him in there because he was a “Pit Bull”! I don’t believe their “glitch” theory either. I am willing to bet the Drake had already been disposed of the first time this poor woman went to look for him.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    A glitch? What does that even mean? She did everything possible to find her dog and they killed it anyway. My heart goes out to this woman in her loss. Sure tags on the collar help (wish I had a nickle for every tag my dogs have lost) and micro chipping is becoming a must. You can’t call a microchip a luxury anymore when you see something like this happen it’s a necessity. So nice of them to give her a certificate to adopt another dog, but it doesn’t do much to explain their “glitch” that killed her dog or heal her broken heart!

    • cavanal says:

      Actually I take the adoption certificate as insult disrespect for the life they took, she may not but you can’t replace the pet you dearly loved. Please push for no kill shelters. There are 4 millions animal executed at shelters every year in the USA and there are 15 million people wanting pets. The lazy ass shelter don’t do anything other wait for people to come to the shelter for adoption, the NO KILL shelters have adoption fairs with discount on medical service (vets volunteer service). Hundreds of NO KILL SHELTERS have proven there is simply no reason to execute a health cat or dog.

  3. Tess says:

    This is terrible. It’s the same as saying “Oops, sorry we killed your child by mistake”. Animals lives are taken for granted.

  4. agrippamom says:

    Hmmm… seems to me she should have been able to find her dog the FIRST time she was there, unless Drake was ALREADY dead because they killed him right after he’d been brought in because of his breed. Anyone want to bet that’s what happened? Computer glitch? Right. Just admit you saw a pit and decided to murder the poor boy and thought you’d get away with it, you filthy scum.

    You know, when I’ve found.dogs I didn’t know and was able to catch them I’ve made a point of ASKING MY NEIGHBORS whose dog he or she is, because someone usually knows! Why the hell didn’t this one do it instead of taking him to the pound? It would have been lot easier, and certainly would have saved his life!

  5. Mary Weiler says:

    My heart breaks for Drake. I do wonder if Drake had a collar with a tag and maybe a microchip as I doubt this was the very first time Drake got out of the fence yard, We all know pitties are good at finding their way out of fenced areas. We need to protect our companions as they can not speak for themselves. Collars, Tags, Microchips as owners we are responsible too!

  6. Nina Stewart says:

    ACCIDENT MY BUTT!! When my pit bull went missing in Chicago, I went to the city animal control building and was told he wasn’t there. I went back the second day and personnel REFUSED to let me even look, telling me, “If he was chipped and here, we’d know it!” When I went back the 3rd day and followed the girl into the dog room, she started yelling at me and I yelled back…and heard my dog barking! She said she was calling the police, I said, “Good, make sure they send a Sargent for good measure.” I found my dog, Homey, in a kennel in the corner with wood and cardboard over the front…they were hiding him. The police came at which time I should them my badge, as I was the police also, and showed proof, via his microchip that he was mine. I made a complaint with the City Inspectors office and 2 employees were fired…it came out they took my dog out of his yard and left the gate open so I’d think he ran away. They were “collecting” pit bulls as bait dogs for a Southside fight ring. POS.


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