Fatal mistake: Kennel owner’s pup forgotten in van

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The owner of a boarding kennel in Middletown, Ohio, made a fatal mistake which claimed the life of a young puppy on Wednesday. According to Friday’s ABC 6 On Your Side News, Brian Clegg, owner of Colonial Acres Pet Resort, forgot a four-to-five-week-old puppy in the back of a van which was parked outside of the business.

Staff at the kennel facility discovered the puppy inside of the van approximately six hours later…intense heat had taken a deadly toll. Kennel¬†employee Myles Tharp commented on how staff made the grim discovery:

He left us a list of all the names of the dogs he left at the kennel, we were looking for all of them and could not find his youngest puppy he had just gotten and looked around for it. Couldn’t find it, and Pam actually found it in the back of his car. Obviously, our first response was get it out of the car.”

Clegg had visited the kennel facility before leaving town for a vacation – he left the van at the boarding kennel facility so his staff could use the vehicle if needed.

Though the puppy’s death is likely a tragic mistake, the local authorities are investigating the case to see if any charges are necessary.

The Humane Society of the United States has tips for people who discover a dog who had been left inside of a vehicle. According to HSUS, good Samaritans should take down the car’s make, model and license number and notify nearby businesses to see if a public announcement can be made. If the car owner cannot be found, good Samaritans should reach out to the local authorities (police and/or animal control) to make a report – wait at the vehicle until help arrives. If the law allows (varies by state) good Samaritans can remove an obviously distressed animal from a vehicle.


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  1. he was to blame for the dogs death.he was to busy wanting to go away from work to not clean the inside of the van out.so he killed the 4 legged kid wearing fur.so blame him.or maybe when the van comes in.someone watches all that is taken out of it and then go back and clean it up inside.that puppy would have had a happy life and fun.but he just wanted to go on his vaction and not check that the van was all clear of animals.

  2. Makes me want to leave my pets at his kennel, Totally irresponsible POS! I am getting so sick of hearing about pets being left in cars, i can’t fathom how anyone does this!


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