Severely emaciated dog found abandoned on street

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In Cork, Ireland, animal advocates are calling for a crackdown on animal cruelty cases after a young, emaciated dog was found abandoned in a street last week, reports the Evening Echo. cruelty in Cork

The dog, a whippet, had collapsed  on the street and is just one of the recent reports of extreme cruelty in the area discovered in the past weeks. The dog is currently under the care of the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group. According to the organization, the dog dubbed Kylie was close to death and would not have survived much longer had she not been found. On Tuesday, the rescue updated their Facebook followers with the shocking photos of Kylie, eliciting hundreds of comments advocating for the government to increase penalties for such “horrific” cases recently coming to light.Cruelty in Cork 3

“This is Kylie. She has been in our care for four days now, picked up collapsed on the street last Saturday night. Kylie is why we deal with emergencies 7 days a wee;, we do not close after hours or on Bank Holidays. We give up our own lives to be there for those whose lives are in danger. Kylie would not have survived for much longer. Kylie is why we do what we do and why we need your support.”

Heartbroken dog lovers continue to react to Kylie’s plight, and miraculously her physical and emotional condition continues to slowly improve, while social  media users continue to condemn the acts of cruelty.

Eilis Scott Sickening to see these, photos but so much worse for Kylie to have experienced such neglect. When does the cruelty stop? When will someone in Government accept responsibility for the awful abuse that takes place daily on this little island of ours? Well done DAWG, she’ll only know safety and a warm bed from here on in.” Cruelty in Cork 2

Kylie has been placed in a foster home; sleeping on a soft bed, dining on bits of chicken to help her gain weight and finding out how wonderful it is to be loved, cherished and respected. To help this organization, donations to help Kylie and other dogs in need, please click here.

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(Photos Cork Dog Action Welfare Group)

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  1. virginia green says:

    poor dog.we need to get people everywhere in the wrld to learn to treat the animals like human kids.that is all they are.GOD made them for us all to enjoy until it is time for them to die .


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