Family finds missing dog skinned on fenced property

Family dog found skinned
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A family in Salmon Creek, Washington, is grieving the unexpected and cruel loss of their dog, who they say was found dead and skinned on their fenced-in property. According to Monday’s ABC 10 News, “Mr. Magoo,” a Lhasa Apso, had been let out with another dog on John Gragg’s six-acres of property on Sunday morning.

Two hours later, only one of the dogs came back when called – a short time later, the body of Mr. Magoo was found near the back fence of the property. The injuries to the small dog’s body appeared to be the result of something human inflicted – even to the veterinarian who later examined Mr. Magoo’s body.

Gragg described the injuries, “It’s perfectly square. It looks like something was stuck in the side of the animal which could have been a knife or a shot to put the dog to sleep. It looked very professional.”

Gragg, and his partner, Susanne Baumann, want their neighbors to be aware that someone dangerous in the area seems to be targeting dogs, especially since the local authorities have refused to take a report.  Gragg claims to have tried to report the cruel incident to the Clark County Sheriff’s office, but stated that since it wasn’t human related they refused to take action.

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  1. That is bs the authorities will not do anything. For those of us who love our pets they are family. If their freaking vehicle had been damaged they would have at least made a report. This is so wrong and i for one am really sorry about the dog.

  2. Clark County Sheriff’s office is disgusting! Someone reports their pet has been killed and they REFUSE to take a report, what kind of department are they? My heart goes out to John Gragg & Susanne Baumann I can’t imagine finding one of my fur babies like this and then to have no one do anything! They have a killer around there and it’s just a matter of time before a human is the victim, I suppose THEN the Sheriff’s office might take note!

  3. That is sick ,if you can’t take something like this and do something about it then you need to find a new police force ,one that would be fair and care ,if this were my baby if the police wouldn’t do something about this horrible thing ,then I’d take it in my own hands to take care of the sob that did it and he wouldn’t like my doings very much ,my dogs are my children and that is the way I love them also and you don’t hurt my children

  4. Wasn’t human related?! Then I guess that dog just wanted it’s hair gone!!! Come on get REAL! THIS IS UNEXCUSABLE FOR ANYONE TO DO THIS! AND THEN OFFICIALS NOT REPORTING IT! WHAT IF THE DOG WAS THEIR FAMILIES DOG??

  5. were the fuck do you live mayberry even barney would do more than your hick police dept,If i was you i be looking for some pay back with my niighbors , somebodyin our area,


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